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Муми-тролль и другие

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Then I know what is your name!
Your name is... Bungler... Oh! bungler... Oh!
I forgot what further..
Call me just... Snork!
Here, this is Snork.
Moomin is a real hero!
He's saved me from a terrible bush!
In that cave over there.
And why did you get into the cave?
The sparks are the little spirits of the fire.
I have quarreled recently with Groke about them.
With Groke! Ah-h-h-h!!!
Why, yes! With Groke.
She had frozen them in the volcano,
but I freed them!
Since then Groke are looking for me everywhere.
Yes, and we have the public holiday today!
I'm inviting you, will you allow?
There's will not be public holiday! We haven't found a place.
But I've found.
This is the cave. It is very beautiful there!
Well, it's time for me to go...
Why, are you going away?
I get used to being alone.
This way the thinking is better.
So clever, and so lonely!...
Good bye!
But the things! You've  forgotten the things!
Sniff, go ask guests over.
And Moomin and I will put in order our cave.
You know, Snork, I perhaps on public holiday
will change Snufkin's clothes. There'll be a masked ball.
Wait for me. I will be back soon.
Guests! Guests!
Do make acquaintance.
This is Thingumy and Bob.
Whether they are foreigners
or they are going to a nursery school.
Well, little ones!
Tell something!
Howdy! Do you happen to have a pan of kissel, don't you?
Happy public holiday, young ladies!
Where is the public holiday!
Here's the public holiday. And here's pasties with apples.
Here Moomintroll asked to pass on flowers to some girl.
And terriblsel one!
Here we have met, Snufkin!
Hey, let Moomintroll out, you bag!
Yuk! I mistook!
- Well what?
- Well how?
- How are you feeling yourself?
- Poor Moomin!
Nothing special. It seems to me that's here a little cold.
Hey, creatures, chew the buns!
- It'sla allsla!
- Allsla!
Snork, you're just treasure!
Oh! There's! There's! That's! A white!
When a winter is begining, all inhabitants of the blue valley
are settling down into hibernation.
They will be sleep until a very spring!
And they will see so many marvelous dreams, that if tell it in succession
a whole year will be not enough.
Author of the script: A. Altaev
Director: A. Zyablikova
Pproduction designer: I.  Vorobyova
Camera operator: L. Kolvinkovsky
Songs writer: L. Petrusheskaya
Composer: A. Rybnikov
Sound technician: V. Azharovsky
Animators: A. Grishko,
V. Kadukhin, O. Dehgtyareva
The roles are dubbed:
Z. Gerdt, O. Gobzeva,
Z. Narishkina, Y. Yakovlev
Editing: L. Rhuban
Editor: V. Konovahlova
The end
subtitles: jkhelgi
Муми-тролль и другие

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