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Мой ласковый и нежный зверь

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anyone see you at that moment?
Yes. Nikolai, the gatekeeper,
was out front.
He told me that the masters weren't
at home, they'd all gone hunting.
So I set off toward the forest.
I know every tree
in the count's estate.
All the evidence points to you...
Pyotr Yegorovich.
Is Pyotr Yegorovich here?
They forgot Madam's dress.
Come in the house! Go! Go!
I have read
your manuscript.
I liked your novel,
Sergey Petrovich.
The characters and the story line
are ingeniously presented.
Except that there's no mention
of Urbenin's fate.
What did really happen to him?
He died in a prison camp
four years after the trial.
And how about Kamyshev?
He was relieved of the investigation
and deprived of his office.
The count's property went into the
possession of his wife and Kalidis.
Those foreigners just robbed him.
By the way, he's here, Count Karneyev.
You can look at him,
he is now my cabby.
May I ask you, Kamyshev,
how have you been able to live
all these years
after you murdered
Olga Urbenin?
You loved Olga Urbenin desperately,
like an animal pining for the caress
of his master's hand.
A husband can kill out ofjealousy.
I guess, a lover can do it as well.
You were the one she loved,
not the count,
and not her husband.
It was you whom she spared.
No one on earth was
as dear to her as you.
What's the matter with you?!
Are you crazy?
Well, it's time I got back.
It's three o'clock already.
Would you like a cup of tea?
No, thank you.
Excuse me, excuse me.
What are you so afraid of, Kamyshev?
Are you looking for the evidence?
No, just for a detail that would
finally convince me.
How can you go on living,
Good day to you.
I dream of a garden
In a wedding attire,
And in this garden you and I
are alone...
Ah, Seryozha, wouldn't it be
wonderful to warm up with some brandy,
and listen to the Gypsies singing?
Go on! Watch out!
Olia! Wait!
Seryozha, what are you doing?
You're going to kill me!
No, Olia...
The following spring,
the novel "A Hunting Accident"
was published in installments
in the newspaper "Moscow Earth",
under the signature of Kamyshev.
One year later, Kamyshev
suddenly died
of an attack of
According to his servant,
he refused to consult a doctor
or take any medication,
or do anything to treat his illness.
His coffin was followed to
the cemetery by his servant Polikarp
and the public coach-driver Karneyev,
of whom it was said
that he had once been a count.
The End
Мой ласковый и нежный зверь

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