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Мой ласковый и нежный зверь

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I would have helped you, because
I would've been so rich and powerful.
What are you saying?!
My tender and affectionate beast,
try to be reasonable.
Don't you see that I'm right?
I don't want to be poor, always
on the bottom rung, my darling!
I don't want to go back
to that damned forest!
I'm afraid!
I'll never go back there again!
Be quiet!
Do you remember
our walks in the woods?
Amid the branches...
Oh, my God!
My child...
There... there... wait a minute.
My poor child...
Get a horse!
A doctor! Get a doctor!
Oh, my God!
What happened... gentlemen...
What in God's name happened?
Gentlemen, isn't there
a doctor among us?
Speak up, gentlemen!
A doctor...
Yevgrafy, what are doing there?
Come here quick!
Don't let Urbenin get away.
They're coming!
Open up!
Open the door!
Your Excellency!
Your Excellency! Open up!
Who's there?
I came to you from the count.
Open up, Your Excellency.
Someone's been killed.
I have a letter for you
from the count.
Open the door.
Sergey Petrovich, dear,
you've known us for a long time.
Help us to get away from here.
Something terrible has happened.
Sergey Petrovich, what are we to do...
What a tragedy, Sergey Petrovich,
what a tragedy!
When a priest is in the house...
I understand.
Don't worry...
I asked to put on a samovar for our
ladies, but they told me to go to hell.
Seryozha, my dear.
She's still living, but the doctor
says she'll die tonight.
Why? Seryozha?!
Our Father who art in Heaven!
Hallowed be Thy name,
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done on earth
as it is in heaven.
Give us this day
our daily bread,
And forgive us our sins,
as we forgive our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation...
Olga Nikolayevna is
in a hopeless state.
In the name of the Father, the Son,
and the Holy Ghost.
Now and forever and ever.
If you have any questions you want
to ask, do it now.
Olga Nikolayevna...
It's Kamyshev.
Sergey Petrovich Kamyshev.
Do you know me?
Sit down... close to me.
I'm here.
Right here.
Olga Nikolayevna, try to remember
what happened.
I'll help you.
At one o'clock, you got on your horse
and rode to hunt with some friends.
Do you remember?
And you killed...
You killed...
A duck.
Please hurry.
After I killed
the wounded duck,
you left the rest of the company
and went into the forest.
While you were in the woods
you were attacked
by an unidentified person.
As the examining judge...
I put this question to you.
Who was it?
He will be severely punished.
Try to remember
who it was.
You must tell us his name.
We're waiting.
I'm waiting.
Tell us his name.
You mustn't try to shield him.
Don't go away...
Stop it!
Stop singing!
Your last name, first name.
Social class, religion.
Urbenin, Pyotr Yegorovich.
Class of nobility.
Of Russian Orthodox faith.
Have a son and a daughter
from my first marriage.
I married Olga
out of passionate love.
Were you aware of...
...the relations that your wife
had with the count?
I think that...
God will forgive her for whatever
she did.
Pyotr Yegorovich, I'm asking you
to answer my question.
It's very important.
Of course I knew.
How did you happen to be in the forest
where Olga Nikolayevna was killed?
As far as I know,
you've been living in town lately.
That's right.
I stayed with my cousin in town.
Since I had lost my job.
I tried to find a new job.
I began to drink.
I wasn't sober for months at a time.
You wanted to tell me
how you came to be in the forest.
Yes. I'm sorry.
Yesterday I woke up early.
I was lying in bed looking out
the window...
...at the sunrise.
I got to remembering... all kinds of
It was very painful.
All of a sudden, I wanted to see her.
To see her once again,
perhaps for the last time.
I had no money to travel,
so I went on foot.
I got here about four o'clock,
or maybe a quarter past four.
Мой ласковый и нежный зверь Мой ласковый и нежный зверь

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