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Мой ласковый и нежный зверь

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- No one...
- Help yourself.
...Only you.
Swinging smoothly and quietly.
Time to go to bed.
I think I'll be going.
You rang for me, Your Excellency?
- Get out of here, swine!
- Yes, sir.
Will you permit me to escort you,
Olga Nikolayevna?
Where shall I go?
I won't go back to him.
Of course, you can't go back
to him now.
Who knows,
he might beat you again.
Seryozha, my dear...
Serge, mon cher, quitte moi.
Tu m'a compris?
You want me to leave?
Have you made up your mind?
O Lord, have mercy on me.
Just a minute!
Wait a minute, please.
Good morning.
I was afraid you'd leave without me.
These roses are for you,
my little princess.
You're going to live in the city.
You'll like it there.
It'll be an exciting life.
You'll blossom there,
just like these roses.
Have a pleasantjourney.
Goodbye, sir.
Goodbye to all of you.
Go on!
Don't put your trust in Heaven, Pyotr
Yegorovich. Help yourself!
Good luck!
We're stopping here!
Kids went walking in the forest,
- orest, -orest,
To pick up some pretty florets, -orets,
- orets.
It's all quiet all around, -ound,
- ound,
Only heard a cuckoo's sound, -ound,
- ound.
Will you, little cuckoo, tell, -ell,
- ell,
And please truthfully foretell, -ell,
- ell,
In what year in the spring, -ring,
- ring
Are to meet we, do you think, -ink,
- ink.
In what year in the spring, -ring,
- ring
Are to meet we, do you think, -ink,
- ink...
Your Excellency, our group of
are very pleased with the charitable
interest you have shown
for the daughter of our friend
Skvortsov, who is ill.
Excuse me... Excuse me.
Ladies and gentlemen!
We're ready.
Don't move, ladies and gentlemen!
Olga Nikolayevna,
why don't you join us?
How can you, a woman,
be so indifferent to the suffering
of that helpless bird?
If others suffer,
it can too.
Who else is suffering?
Was it frightening,
Olga Nikolayevna?
Leave me alone.
I don't feel like talking today either
with you or your stupid count.
- Stay away from me.
- You've changed, Olga Nikolayevna.
In that tone men speak to
immoral and shameless women.
You think I'm that kind.
Then go back to your saint women.
I'm the lowest and wickedest one
So go and join them. Go on!
Yes, you're low and wicked.
Immoral and shameless.
I was trying to explain to them
that Yupa-Yupa was the chief.
But they wouldn't understand.
But Yupa-Yupa is really a chief.
Oh, God!
Isn't this nice!
Oh, what a bliss! My goodness!
There're birds of Paradise living
on that soil, Amalia!
And you and I.
Dear ladies
and dear gentlemen.
On this day when we gathered here
in a friendly reunion,
we owe this reunion
to one man and one only,
to our luminary,
to the star of our province!
Yes, Count, don't be embarrassed.
We owe all this to our enlightened
and ever-youthful count.
I propose a toast to you!
You do me too great an honour,
ladies and gentlemen.
- We have new arrivals.
- Where?
Seryozha, I beg you. I'll explain
later. Please help me.
Alexis! Oh, my darling!
You didn't expect me, did you?
Will you introduce me to your guests?
Ladies and gentlemen, may I present
my wife, Ophelia... Amalia.
Nice to meet you, ladies and
What a marvelous company! A picnic!
And champagne!
Bravo! Bravo!
And this is my wife's brother,
Polychrony Arkadievich Kalidis.
This is my brother Kalidis,
my very dear brother.
Shall I open it?
- Yes, of course.
- We're happy to serve you.
Thank you.
Come over here, my dear.
My precious lamb, my darling.
Vivat to champagne!
Sergey Petrovich!
How I suffer! Oh God!
I've never loved
anybody but you.
My strong, my affectionate one.
Come here.
Whirl me around, come on.
Yes, like that.
What a fool I am!
If I hadn't married Urbenin,
I could have married the count.
He would have divorced his Pompadour
and you and I would've been together
in St.
Мой ласковый и нежный зверь Мой ласковый и нежный зверь

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