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Мой ласковый и нежный зверь

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You're so sweet, Olenka.
It pains me to see
how sweet you are.
Why does it pain you?
What more do you want?
I'm yours, I came to you.
Tell me, Seryozha, will you promise
to give me a frank answer?
Would you have married me,
if I hadn't married Pyotr Yegorovich?
Of course I would.
Shut up, long-beaked fool!
Don't be afraid, it's only my parrot.
What if Urbenin finds out?
He'll kill me. I must go.
I'll meet you tomorrow at the house
in the woods where I used to live.
Wait, Olenka!
Monsieur le Comte!
Olga Nikolayevna.
Olga Nikolayevna...
Oh, I'm dying!
It's very dangerous. Stop that,
for God's sake, I beg you!
- It's dangerous, Olga Nikolayevna!
- I'm flying!
Monsieur le Comte!
I'm flying to you!
That was delightful!
Goodbye, my cavalier.
Uncle Seryozha!
- My little darling one!
- This is for you.
A present? How nice!
- Do you like it?
- How do I look?
Sergey Petrovich!
Do you like me?
Very much.
Isn't there something you want
to tell me?
Please tell me.
I want to hear it.
All right, I'll tell you.
I love you.
I can't live without you.
But I don't want you to come to see
me anymore.
Try to stop loving me
and call me Olga Nikolayevna.
I can't go on like this.
I ought not to.
And don't show to anyone
that you love me.
But why?
- Olenka.
- I want it so.
I won't tell you the reasons,
you don't need to know them.
Olga Nikolayevna.
Sergey Petrovich, His Excellency
asked me to invite you for dinner.
Pyotr Yegorovich, I have to go home.
Please stay for dinner, Sergey
Petrovich, the count is inviting you.
Thank you very much, I've already
dined. Goodbye.
We don't want a burnt bill.
That's Alexei Yurievich praying
Himalayan style.
Yesterday she bolted down a ton of
chocolate, and cried all day.
Then she demanded that I buy her
a barrel-organ.
Well? Did you buy her one?
Notjust a barrel-organ, Seryozha,
but one with a blue parrot
that speaks German.
She sings, she cries, she laughs,
all at the same time.
She's adorable when she's angry.
She's delicious when she's moody.
And enchanting creature,
that Olga Nikolayevna!
My pains are gone, Seryozha!
I think I'll have a Turkish day
every Thursday.
Have the servants dressed
in wide pants and turbans.
Let's have a drink. Come on.
I'm even thinking of getting
myself a mullah.
No one has one of those yet, right?
Not in all of Russia.
Let's drink Himalayan style.
Let's drink!
Not yet, too soon!
Or maybe I should build a minaret?
- Why not?
- It's exotic and unprecedented.
What's wrong?
What's the matter, Olenka?
- What happened?
- He beat me, he beat...
My husband. I don't want to live
with him. I ran away.
That's outrageous!
It's... it's...
He doesn't have a right!
It's tyranny!
It's downright revolting!
Beating his wife! Beating her!
- Why did he do it?
- For no reason at all.
I was taking out my handkerchief,
and the letter you sent me
yesterday fell out.
He grabbed it and read it, and...
Look at that bruise on my arm.
My goodness! What a barbarian!
As though we live in the stone age!
Or in New Zealand, for that matter!
Did you expect him to applaud
when he saw that letter?
- You expected him to just laugh?
- Let's not talk about it now.
His behavior was base.
I'll settle the score with him.
I'll challenge him to a duel.
I'll do it tomorrow.
- No, don't!
- Yes, I will! I'll show him!
I'll show him how to beat a woman!
Believe me,
he'll have to pay for it.
I'll slap him in the face.
Seryozha, hold this.
Here, take it.
He's probably getting drunk, swine.
Olga Nikolayevna, I've decided
to organize an amateur performance.
We'll put on a play with big parts
for women. What do you think?
A performance every Thursday.
Olga Nikolayevna starring.
And what about your mullah?
No mullah. Let him go to the Allah.
- Why do you want a mullah?
- There'll be no
Мой ласковый и нежный зверь Мой ласковый и нежный зверь

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