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Мой ласковый и нежный зверь

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the door,
the thiefjust walked in.
Oh, my God! How embarrassing!
Help me please, dear.
Why did you go away, Olenka?
- Come along, my dear man.
- Yes, yes...
There you go.
Olenka! Gentlemen, I'll repay
everything, it's only a loan...
Gentlemen, it's a loan,
I'll repay everything, believe me.
I sing to you, God Hymenaeus,
You join in marriage
The bride and the bridegroom.
Their love you do encourage,
Their love you do encourage,
I sing to you, God Hymenaeus,
God Hymenaeus, God Hymenaeus!
- Ladies and gentlemen! A kiss!
- A kiss for the bride!
Your Excellency... Sergey Petrovich...
Ladies and gentlemen.
You see a happy man now.
God is my witness, how I love you all.
You've done so much
for me today
that my love for you
is just nothing in comparison.
Such luxury!
Such a brilliant gathering!
No question about it.
Believe me, Your Excellency,
I'll never forget you,
as I'll never forget this best
and happiest day
of my life.
Once again my most heartfelt
thanks, Your Excellency.
Olga Nikolayevna!
It's her nerves...
Why should she be nervous?
She'll be all right, my friend.
Sergey Petrovich...
Ladies and gentlemen, Olga
Nikolayevna has a migraine.
She complained of it this morning,
in fact.
That's right, ladies and gentlemen.
Her migraine has nothing to do
with it.
It was the kiss,
she got embarrassed.
Olympiada Christoforovna, please...
Ladies and gentlemen!
As best man, I have a duty,
and I accept my responsibility.
Do I have your blessing?
You have my blessing.
Olga Nikolayevna!
What's wrong?
There, there, don't cry.
What's wrong? Calm down.
What have I done?
What have I done?!
Yes, Olga Nikolayevna,
I never did understand your decision.
I should have never married him.
I might have married a man I love
and who loves me.
Who do you mean, Olenka?
Let's go.
You're intelligent,
young, you're rich.
Only I though you were unattainable
for me, Sergey Petrovich.
Enough, they're waiting for us.
We have to go.
What are you doing, Olenka?
Stop it!
I know you love me.
You love me, you love me!
Nothing will make me afraid again.
There's nothing I fear now.
Because I love you, Seryozha.
- I love you!
- Come away with me now.
How can I do that?
Let's go, or it'll be the end of you.
Let's go.
What about him, Seryozha?
What would happen to him?
My dear child! I'll cherish you
like the apple of my eye.
I'll love you always as long
as I live.
But how can I? In the middle of my
wedding? What will people say?
What do you care what they say?
No, Seryozha, it's impossible.
Don't say those words, please.
You love me, that's the only thing
in the world I need to know.
How are you going to live, you little
Oh! A lady-bug!
They bring luck.
You know where I'll be living.
Come visit me every day,
and I'll come out to meet you.
- Let's leave.
- No, it's impossible.
I beg you.
No, Seryozha. You better whirl me
I'll be looking into your eyes, and
you just whirl me. All right?
Go away, you nonentity.
Ladies and gentlemen, here's our
fugitive. It wasn't easy to find her.
A kiss! A kiss!
A happy long life!
A happy long life!
My dear, what's the matter?
You're pale as a ghost.
In the name of our friendship, you
have to choose between me and Kalidis.
That's impossible.
- Goodbye then.
- Wait, Seryozha.
Waltz! Waltz!
Auntie Olia, why are you crying?
"If your wife has betrayed you,
you may rejoice that she has only
betrayed you and not her country."
What a lot of rubbish!
"If your wife has betrayed you,
you may rejoice..."
Sergey Petrovich!
I've run away.
I've come to see you forjust a short
while. I wanted to see where you sleep.
Who's out there?
That's Polikarp.
Polikarp? Who's he?
A learned man.
He's reading "The Three Musketeers".
It doesn't look nice here.
You're a rich man, with a big salary,
and still you live like a common
Мой ласковый и нежный зверь Мой ласковый и нежный зверь

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