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Мой ласковый и нежный зверь

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My dear fellow, come to your senses.
It's self-destruction.
Wait... wait...
You're in love with her, aren't you?
My dear Pyotr Yegorovich,
go to her. Go on.
Please don't say anything, Sergey
Petrovich. For the love of God!
It's my cross. Please don't
say anything, I beg you.
I dream of a garden
In a wedding attire.
And in this garden
You and I are alone...
This is for Varyenka...
This is for Katyenka...
This is for Nastyenka...
I'll pay for all this.
No, Seryozha. At a restaurant,
that's a different thing.
But my house is not a restaurant.
Alyosha, I'm paying for this.
All of it.
For your information,
you're insulting me.
All right... If that's the case...
Gentlemen, what are you doing?
Those aren't love letters.
That's money! I'd better give it
to the poor... the cripples.
Go on, give it to them.
My dear friend!
I'm tired. I think I'll leave now.
Go, Seryozha.
I'd better go... I'm gone.
Bring the carriage of Sergey
Petrovich Kamyshev!
Come on, doggie, come here, doggie.
Here, boy,
come here, my dear boy.
You're a good dog,
a very good boy.
Come back!
Bring back my hat!
Give back my hat, dog!
Shopkeepers drink all night.
But certainly not a gentleman.
A gentleman should be cultured.
He should have a job.
Don't let the count lead you into
bad habits, Sergey Petrovich.
What's that book you're reading?
What's the book you're reading,
"The Count of Monte Christo"
That count of yours was a rascal
and a rogue.
No, he was not.
He was a real count.
Not like that play actor of yours.
That's the plain truth,
my dear Sergey Petrovich.
I dream of a garden
In a wedding attire!
Electric lights!
They sparkle and inspire admiration!
Put your honourable heads
into those openings there!
Heavenly dreams coming true!
Ten kopecks for the ultimate
It sparkles and glitters!
Don't stand there, Miss,
come up
and pay ten kopecks only
for this unforgettable sight!
What an apparition!
- Good afternoon, Sergey Petrovich.
- My respects.
How are you?
Get on, I'll give you a lift.
Thank you. This is for you, Olenka.
Thank you.
- Oh, it tastes sour!
- It's sour, but it's good.
Do you know of a good
seamstress around here?
No, I don't think so.
Why so many purchases?
Oh, you haven't heard yet?
I'm getting married.
Getting married? To whom?
Oh God, you men can be so blind.
To Urbenin... To Pyotr Yegorovich.
You must be joking!
Don't you believe me?
What's so surprising about it?
Of course, he's a bit old.
However, he loves me.
I can depend on him.
I'll be happy with him. Thank God,
he isn't poor, and he's a nobleman.
Do you believe only those
who marry for love are happy?
The important thing is not being able
to depend on someone, but to be happy.
I know all about those love
matches, Sergey Petrovich.
If you don't like it, then try
to spend a winter in the forest,
where there's only boredom
and wolves and a mad father.
You liked it there the time you came,
but in winter it's another matter,
when you wonder if you wouldn't
be better off dead.
Olenka, Olenka...
All this is so wrong. In your place
I'd hang myself on a birch tree.
And you go around shopping and
He's wealthy enough to see
that my father gets treatment.
Then we'll sure go to
St. Petersburg to live, and besides...
Very well.
How much do you need to take care of
your father?
Take the money from me.
So, a hundred, a thousand?
It's all lies, Olenka. It's not your
father you're thinking about.
It's getting cold. Night is falling.
I'll get off here, Olenka.
Stop! Stop!
- Thank you.
- Have a pleasant day.
Thanks, the same to you.
I wish you happiness, Olenka!
Pyotr Yegorovich! It's my father!
- They let him out.
- It's all right, Olga Nikolayevna.
Olenka, why did you go away?
Olenka, somebody stole the samovar
out of the kitchen.
Hello, Nikolai Yefimovich.
Mitenka forgot to lock
Мой ласковый и нежный зверь Мой ласковый и нежный зверь

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