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...the first year out.
They gave him life, too.
The kid's only 18.
Look at him. No wonder he dreams.
He'll never make it.
But a man like you could make it...
...if you have enough money.
How long were you there?
Nine years of work camp...
...nine years a colonist.
You were outside the walls.
Why didn't you run?
There's no place to run to.
You're out in the middle of a swamp,
1,000 miles from no place.
Now, if you've got a lot of money
that's a different thing.
I mean, you take somebody
like Dega there. Back there.
Louis Dega.
The best counterfeiter in France.
National Defense Bonds.
-Series of 1928.
Now, if you've got money like he has,
there's a chance to buy your way out.
That is unless somebody cuts
his guts open first to get at all that cash.
Everybody up! Let's go!
Everybody up!
Come on, everybody up! Let's go!
Let's go!
Mind if I sit down here?
If you wish.
You're Dega, aren't ya? Louis Dega?
Sorry to see you here.
I presume most of us have earned
our passage.
You're Papillon. You got life for killing
a pimp. Then you had the bad taste...
...to tell the prosecutor you were going
to escape and kill him, too.
I was framed. I'm innocent.
No one is innocent.
I'm no pimp killer, for Christ's sake.
I'm a safecracker.
And that's a profession of which
I thoroughly disapprove.
I put almost everything I had
into National Defense Bonds.
Series of 1928.
Your instincts were sound.
How much did you lose?
I wouldn't put my money on those bonds.
Not any more than you would.
I'm relieved to hear that.
If that's true,
why are we having this little chat?
Every convict on this ship knows
who you are.
Any of them would slit you open to
reach inside and get what you're carrying.
You need protection.
From you?
Remember what the chicken said
to the weasel?
If he was a healthy weasel, the chicken
didn't get a chance to say anything.
Think about that.
Hose down!
Come on, off your asses! Hose down!
Come on, you've got a fever.
Do what I tell ya.
Come on.
I've got a question.
If I wanted to get a boat when I got there,
a small boat, maybe a 15-footer...
...how much would it cost?
I don't know. Fr 3,500, Fr 4,500, maybe.
It all depends.
What if I could pick up the money
to buy one?
Then I guess you'd have yourself a boat.
You know the country.
You and I could make it out of there. Huh?
The answer is no. Nothing against you,
but the answer is no.
If I've gotta go to solitary for
some half-assed escape that didn't work...
...I want the mistake to be mine,
not anybody else's. You understand?
So the answer is no.
How'd it feel, kid?
All right. Come on, move it!
Move it a little. Let's go!
Let's move!
What do you want?
Almost unbearable, isn't it?
The heat.
It's not too bad.
Of course, you're closer to it than I am.
Oh, yes. You're referring to last night,
aren't you?
Well, aren't you?
May I tell you something?
At first glance I'm afraid
that I regarded you with rather...
...a large degree of unworthy suspicion.
Am I clear?
Well, it now seems quite possible
that until we get to a decent jail...
...with bribeable guards,
I may stand in some need of...
...rather close physical protection.
It depends on how long you want to live.
Oh, a long time.
Then you got a problem.
Well, I presume that you have some...
...goals, some particular need that...
...outweighs all others.
I mean, if so, may I ask what it is?
For what?
Very good.
You keep me alive...
...until we land in Guiana and I will
underwrite any escape you care to arrange.
Escape for me. Not for us.
Of course.
I have no intention of even attempting
an escape. Ever.
Thank you.
Leave him alone...
...or I'll cut your head off!
Hide this!
Over there is Saint Joseph.
The other island is Royale.
The one on the right is Devil's.
Julot, why is it so hard
to escape from there?
A man could almost swim

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