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One of these nights I might ask you
to take that Turnkey into the toilet.
Show him a good time.
When you come out you'll get Fr 1,000.
That's my business. Your business is
to make him happy for ten minutes.
Fr 1,000.
He's filthy.
All right, Fr 2,000.
Does that make him any cleaner?
You think I'm a whore, don't you?
Well, you're wrong.
I'll do what you ask, on one condition:
You keep your money
and you take me with you.
I'm the only one
who can get you out of here.
-I know.
I'm a queer, a fairy, a pouf, huh?
But there's one thing you forgot.
You may have been framed,
as you say you were...
...but I wasn't.
Between the two of us...
...I'm the one who's killed a man, not you.
It's tonight during the concert.
I'll be there. I have to.
I'm serving refreshments.
I think you ought to go with us, Louis.
-You ought to.
-Thank you.
But my wife is arranging for my release.
The letter from her is overdue.
Listen to me.
If your wife was here and you were in Paris
with all that money...
...how much would you pay
to get her back?
Everything I have.
And how much would she pay
to get you back?
That's why you should run.
Now, Louis, while you've got a chance.
But I have a chance without running.
Me, they can kill...
...you, they own.
Good luck.
Dega, you bastard!
-Shut up!
Let's go.
Where's Clusiot?
A guard got him.
Let's go.
Here! Here!
-Where's the other one?
-Right here.
Just a little twist.
Come on, come on.
There's your boat over there.
Fr 3,000.
You'd better check her out,
see if she's okay.
Come on. I'm in a hurry.
Let's go! Let's go!
I wouldn't use those guns if you don't want
the man hunters down on you.
I put two gallons of rum aboard.
Send me a postcard
when you get to Honduras.
Let's have a drink of that rum.
Why, this...
...goddamn boat's no good.
Look at it! I'll kill that bastard!
The son of a bitch is made of kindling.
So is my leg.
I didn't twist my ankle, I fractured it.
You broke your leg?
Why didn't you say something?
I had the unworthy suspicion
you might leave me behind.
You're goddamn right I would have.
It's broken, all right.
We've got to set this.
I need your help.
I presume it'll be painful.
You bet it will.
I ask you to remember that
that's my money that's sinking...
...and that I'm here out of an act
of unnatural heroism...
...which prevented a guard
from shooting you.
He probably would have
missed me anyway.
Now relax.
You're at the wrong end.
It'll only last a couple minutes.
-Hold him above the knee.
That finishes it.
How'd you do that?
We've all got our sensitive spots.
What happened?
He found a sensitive spot
you didn't know you had.
Move and you're dead.
Turn around.
Throw that gun out in front of you.
You know I get Fr 200 for one of these.
I wouldn't want to lose it.
Turn around.
You and two others broke out
of Saint Laurent last night, didn't you?
That's right.
The others are at the boat?
That's right.
And the boat's no good.
Not worth a damn.
Been expecting you.
Come on.
Don't shoot. It's okay.
Caught these two man hunters asleep
just before sunup.
They've been hanging around
for two days waiting on ya.
Each time he sells that boat,
it's in worse shape than the last time.
You like this?
Oh, very much.
I did too, at the time, but I was drunk.
Here, take this.
Cut yourself some bamboo
from around here...
...and lash it together with sailcloth.
I'll be back around sunset.
I'll tow you up river to Pigeon Island.
You can get a boat there,
if you've got enough money.
If you haven't got enough money
they'll probably kill ya.
It doesn't matter much to them.
They're all lepers.
Noisy son of a bitch.
Do dogs carry leprosy?
...the hell with it.
You better take this--
I don't want to fight these

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