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real guard work...
So it's live and let live...
Unless you make trouble.
That one's empty. You
might as well take it.
But watch yourself
around the other huts.
Someone might take you
for a poacher and kill you.
How dare you sit there!
This bench belongs to Captain Dreyfus!
Who are you to sit on that bench?
That's right. Nobody.
Do you know who I am?
I wish you hadn't come here.
Are you fond of crayfish?
You really think so?
Best I've had in years.
Did you hear about my wife?
She married my attorney
or he else married her...
Although actually it
doesn't really matter.
I mean, it works out to the
same thing don't you think?
Well, I have not heard
from her in about...
It is nice here, isn't it?
You've made it nice, Louis.
Really nice.
It's funny...
You and me ending up here.
We're the only ones left.
- Do you ever wonder about it?
- No.
I do.
Get away!
Get away! Get away!
That's enough!
They come in, steal from my garden.
Who does?
- Maybe I'd better go.
- Yes.
I know your house.
There's no ghost in it.
My thoughts are with you.
Come look. Remember those seeds...
That Sergeant Santini
gave me last month?
They've come up. We'll have carrots.
It said six weeks on the
packet but it's only taken four.
If I could find a way
to get off this island...
Would you like to come with me?
Oh, yes, of course. Get away!
Freddie, you know better than that.
I've got no money. They took it all.
Forget about that.
- You can't buy your way out.
- Then how?
I don't know yet.
Then, then we don't
have to discuss it...
Tell me, do you like tomatoes?
I have some extra seeds.
You might like to start your own garden.
You see, it's a horseshoe.
When the waves break they
have no place else to go...
Except go back out again.
Well, you can't launch a boat from here.
In fact, there's no place
on the entire island...
Where you can launch a boat.
Bags of coconuts tied together...
Just throw 'em over...
Float out on a wave.
Then what happens?
The mainland's only 24 miles.
You just drift with the current.
Only two days.
- You're certain?
- Yeah.
It seems so, so desperate.
You think it will work?
Does it matter?
Get! Now, that's not
yours. Now, you get away.
I'm not going to tell you
again. Here you are, Freddie.
Freddie's not feeling well today and...
You should appreciate that fact.
Here we are.
Okay little one. All right.
Freddie, that's not
for you, that's Adam's.
Come here, Adam.
- Let's take a walk.
- Certainly.
Isn't that a little small?
- It's just to try it with.
- Certainly.
You know, I've been
thinking of building a porch.
There's not a home on the
entire island with a porch.
Not even Sergeant Santini has a porch.
- What do you think, huh?
- Come on.
It was the wrong wave.
Oh, yeah.
They come in a series of seven.
And the seventh wave is big enough...
To take us both out
beyond the point of return.
Are you certain?
Oh, if we're going I'd
better pick those carrots.
Fourth wave.
I must tell you something.
Louis, you don't have to say anything.
I meant to.
I'm sorry.
I know.
You'll be killed.
You know that?
Please, don't do it.
Hey, you bastards I'm still here!
Papillon made it to freedom.
And for the remaining
years of his life...
He lived as a free man.
This, the infamous penal
system in French Guiana...
Did not survive him.All present and accounted for, sir.
Thank you, Captain.
As of this moment...
...you are the property of
the Penal Administration of French Guiana.
After serving your full terms in prison...
...those of you with sentences...
...of eight years or more...
...will remain in Guiana...
...as workers and colonists...
...for a period equal
to that of your original sentences.
As for France...
...the nation has disposed of you.
France has rid herself of you altogether.

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