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- What?
- Relax.
- You're at the wrong end.
It'll only last a couple minutes.
- Jesus!
- Hold him above the knee.
- That finishes it.
- How'd you do that?
We've all got our sensitive spots.
What happened?
He found a sensitive spot
you didn't know you had.
Move and you're dead.
Turn around.
Throw that gun out in front of you.
You know I get Fr 200 for one of these.
I wouldn't want to lose it.
Turn around.
You and two others broke
out of Saint Laurent...
- Last night didn't you?
- That's right.
- The others are at the boat?
- That's right.
- The boat's no good.
- Not worth a damn.
Been expecting you.
Come on.
Don't shoot. It's okay.
Caught these two man hunters
asleep just before sun up.
They've been hanging around
for two days waiting on ya.
Each time he sells that boat...
It's in worse shape than the last time.
You like this?
Oh, very much.
I did too, at the time but I was drunk.
Here, take this.
Cut yourself some bamboo
from around here...
And lash it together with sailcloth.
I'll be back around sunset.
I'll tow you up river to Pigeon Island.
You can get a boat there
if you've got enough money.
If you haven't got enough money...
They'll probably kill ya.
It doesn't matter much to
them. They're all lepers.
Noisy son of a bitch.
Do dogs carry leprosy?
- The hell with it.
- You better take this.
I don't want to fight these people.
I just want to try to
talk them out of a boat.
Who are you?
Escaped prisoner, Papillon.
Where are the other two?
They're down on the beach.
One's got a broken ankle.
Come in.
- You have two rifles.
- That's right.
And you want a boat.
- That's right.
- But you're short of money.
That's right, too.
Why don't you have the courtesy...
To look at me when you speak?
We do a lot of smuggling here.
We raid the mainland we steal boats.
When an outsider comes in...
We generally kill him
as a security measure.
That makes sense.
A man of Christian understanding.
Do you like cigars?
When I can get' em.
Try this one.
How did you know I have dry leprosy...
That it isn't contagious?
I didn't.
In normal weather you
should sight Honduras...
In three and a half maybe four weeks.
When you get there
you'll need some money.
We passed the hat.
Take it, it's disinfected.
If you'll catch leprosy...
It's better to catch it
from money than from people.
Take it.
All we use it for is gambling...
Bringing in women lepers from Albina.
We've always got enough for that.
Hurry up. Get on board
you'll miss the tide.
My leg! Get it off my leg!
It's on my leg! Goddamn it!
All right, come on. Come on, on more.
I'm already so drunk I cant' think.
That's what I want.
I want you to put this
between your teeth.
It's going to hurt you, Louis.
- If you want to yell, yell.
- I certainly will.
- I fooled you.
- What?
I fooled you, didn't I?
One moment, please. What
do you want, Sergeant?
Identification. Who are you?
We're fishermen. Our friend here...
Goddamn it, we...
We made it!
Por favor.
Those bastards trussed me up like a pig.
Show your papers, please.
Por favor.
Dinero, por favor.
What was your crime?
I wasn't guilty...
I've never killed anybody in my life.
If you did regain your freedom...
What would you do with it?
I haven't had much time
to think about that.
If you are a thief or
a murderer by morning...
You might have stolen
everything we have.
Those are mine. They were a gift.
You keep 'em, until I leave.
Are you awake?
Yes, ma'am.
If you are sinful,
you have made amends...
By feeding half the poor in Santa Marta.
If you are truly not sinful
you have nothing to fear.
God will watch over you.
Your five years in solitary
confinement are at an end.
You've paid part of your debt to France.
I'm free.
That's the only way off Devil's Island.
We try take things easy here.
The sharks and the tide
do the


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