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've been receiving coconuts.
Unless you tell us who sent them...
Your rations will be cut half.
Well, how can I tell you...
Who sent me stuff, I didn't get?
What stuff?
Well, I don't know.
You said coconut.
I want that name and I want it now.
Put him on half rations...
And screen his cell for six months.
Darkness does wonder for a bad memory.
You know the charge.
I'm innocent.
I didn't kill that pimp.
You couldn't get anything
on me and you framed me.
That is quite true.
But your real crime has nothing to do...
With a pimp's death.
Well then? What is it?
Yours is the most terrible crime...
A human being can commit.
I accuse you...
Of a wasted life.
The penalty for that is death.
They know.
How did you hear?
Trusty works in the launch...
Between here and Saint Joseph.
That's all that he said?
Then it's only a matter of time.
You think so?
He's on half rations now.
He can't exist on that.
Forced to choose between
starvation and telling...
What would you do?
We're not talking about
me. What would you do?
I'd tell. I'd have to.
You get weak...
You get delirious you lose control...
And you talk.
Then you won't blame him, huh?
Blame is for God and small children.
Look at me! I eat bugs!
I don't... I don't have enough sense...
To get out of the rain.
Prisoner, show yourself.
Give me the name and
you're back on full rations.
Just one name.
Well, I don't get that hungry.
You'll starve. You should see yourself.
I was born skinny.
Then you'll die.
One, two...
I'm Papillon.
How do I look?
- Do I look okay?
- You look swell.
That's 30 days more pimp killer!
I want to see the warden.
I want to talk to him.
I have something I want to tell him.
Who gave you the food?
Jesus, Warden...
I had it.
I had the name honest to God...
I must be light.
I must be lightheaded or...
Something because...
I'm trying. I'm trying.
I can... I can't remember.
Honest to God, I can't.
I can't, I can't remember.
It's not there, Mr. Prosecutor.
I don't know, it's
not, it's not there. No.
It's gone.
He's dying.
You're dead.
Your term is completed.
One, two, three, four...
Oh, you son of a bitch.
Welcome to the Penal Colony...
Of French Guiana...
Whose prisoners you are...
And from which there is no escape.
First attempts at escape...
Add two years in solitary
to existing sentences.
Second attempts add five more.
Of course, more serious offenses...
Are dealt with in this fashion.
Hello, Papi!
Don't take advantage. I'm in handcuffs.
Make the best of what we offer you...
And you will suffer
less than you deserve.
Move! In the bunkhouse!
I have hot soup, with real meat in it.
Dega sent it to you.
My name is Maturette.
How are you?
Pretty good.
You'd be much better health...
If you'd given them my name.
I almost did.
Someone once said that
temptation resisted...
Is the true measure of character.
How'd you get out of kilo 40?
It was the rankest sort of corruption.
Suffice to say the warden
now has a new house...
And I've become his chief clerk.
Papi, look...
My wife and lawyer...
Have convinced certain members
in the Ministry of Justice...
That my sentence was a bit harsh.
Some months back I asked them...
To look into your case...
And they're made some headway.
One of the principle
witnesses against you...
May be willing to change his story...
For a price.
If this happened, when would it be?
You could be out in perhaps three years.
- Too long.
- No, it isn't.
And with a good job the
time will pass very quickly.
Listen, my friend.
You owe me nothing.
Tell me what you want.
A boat.I should have known.
Papi, don't you remember me?
- Clusiot.
- Yeah.
What happened to your eyes?
I put some ground-Up
castor beans in 'em...
So I'd look sick enough to get in here.
I'm going with you.
Yeah. Listen...
Dega's got you on the
x-Ray list for tomorrow.

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