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Second attempts add five more.
Of course, more serious offenses...
Are dealt with in this fashion.
Make the best of what we offer you...
And you will suffer
less than you deserve.
In the bunkhouse. One, two...
Three, four. Go on!
Go on! Get a move on!
Mr. Dega?
Yes, indeed. I know all about you.
- Very intelligent man.
- Thank you.
I seem to be known in
all the wrong places.
Well, I have a friend who
is a guard. For very...
Yes, go ahead. For very little money...
He can arrange for certain
people to stay here...
Instead of being sent to a work camp...
Or one of the islands.
Can he get us a job here...
So we can walk around the place?
Perhaps a selection
from which we may choose?
Oh, yes. That is my friend can.
You take our money and you
put your life on the line.
Of course.
How much will it cost?
Well, my friend has a very large family.
Many little children, you understand?
And his sergeant has a
mother with heart trouble.
He was asking you how much not how many.
If you don't mind,
I'll do the negotiating.
How much?
For you, Fr 500. For him Fr 1,500.
- He made trouble.
- Yes, indeed he did.
Nevertheless I'll give you
Fr 1,250 for the both of us.
Now, you take it or
leave it as you wish.
Try again.
Very well. I want two pairs
of comfortable shoes...
For the both of us...
And you, you get the Fr 2, 000.
Don't you have to go to the toilet?
Oh, yes, of course. Would
you excuse me a moment?
You don't need to, Mr. Dega.
Unless, of course, you want to.
I can pick it up in the morning.
Get moving, white men!
Let's go! Come on, move it!
Let's go! Come on, move it!
On your feet!
Attention! Present arms!
No! No!
Mr. Dega, did you get the money?
Move it! Move it! Move it!
Get going! Move it!
Fischer, what the hell's wrong?
Someone broke out of
the hospital compound.
All right, break it up. We'll get him.
You're fine. Next.
I must be better than I feel.
You're in wonderful shape.
How do you fail an
examination like this?
- Dega?
- Yes, sir, Louis Dega.
It was suggested that
I speak to you, sir.
I have it right here.
We'll just keep you on
here in the cleaning squad.
Thank you, sir. There's also my friend.
- You're Louis Dega?
- I am, sir.
And this is my friend, Papillon.
We have a great deal
in common, Mr. Dega.
- I'm glad to see you.
- Well, thank you, sir.
Of course, if the circumstances were...
My family lost everything they had...
In counterfeit...
National Defense Bonds.
Oh, I'm very sorry to hear that, sir.
Even so, buying them...
Was a tribute to their patriotism...
Wouldn't you say?
And you're Mr. Dega's friend?
There's one thing about
Saint Laurent you'll like:
We never separate old friends.
Kilo 40. Both of them.
Today's transport.
What is kilo 40?
Don't touch him. You'll
wind up worse off than he is.
Move! Get moving!
Get up, you lazy bastards!
You get that crock and
you bring him along!
You! Pick another man
and grab that crock.
Come on, move! Move!
It isn't dead they just irritated him!
Get his tail. You get his tail.
- Where's his tail?
- Over there.
- Are you ready?
- Yeah.
- So am I.
- Go ahead.
- Is that the tail?
- No.
I'd better go over to his side.
You get the head.
- The head?
- Yeah.
You try the tail.
Okay, now you try the head.
Grab him!
He's dead.
He's still talking.
He's dead!
He's dead?
Move it!
Come on.
Come on, hands up.
Next! Move!
Bring it around here.
Just lay the crock right there.
- Just drop it.
- Hold it.
Move out.
He's pretty big. This
skin's worth some money.
Move it!
What the hell are you looking at?
You're Louis Dega.
Yes, sir. I'm Clusiot.
How come you ended up
in a place like this?
Friend's kind of quiet isn't he?
He's dead.
He jammed a piece of
wood down his throat...
And choked himself to death.
Three-Way split...
It's fair, isn't it?
Worst country in


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