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instincts were sound.
How much did you lose?
I wouldn't put my money on those bonds.
Not any more than you would.
I'm relieved to hear
that. If that's true...
Why are we having this little chat?
Every convict on this
ship knows who you are.
Any of them would slit you open...
And get what you're carrying.
You need protection.
From you?
Remember what the chicken
said to the weasel?
If he was a healthy weasel...
The chicken didn't get
a chance to say anything.
Think about that.
Hose down!
Come on, off your asses! Hose down!
Come on, you've got a
fever. Do what I tell ya.
Come on.
I've got a question.
If I wanted to get a
boat when I got there...
Small, maybe a 15-Footer...
- How much would it cost?
- Don't know...
Fr 3,500 Fr, 4,500. It all depends.
What if I could pick
up the money to buy one?
Then I guess you'd have yourself a boat.
You know the country.
You and I could make it out of there.
The answer is no. Nothing against you.
If I've gotta go to solitary...
For some half-Assed
escape that didn't work...
I want the mistake to be mine...
Not anybody else's you understand?
So the answer is no.
How'd it feel, kid? Good.
All right. Come on, move it!
Move it a little. Let's go!
Let's move!
- What do you want?
- Almost unbearable, isn't it?
- What?
- The heat.
It's not too bad.
Of course, you're
closer to it than I am.
Oh, yes. You're referring
to last night, aren't you?
Well, aren't you?
May I tell you something?
At first glance I regarded you...
With rather, a large degree
of unworthy suspicion.
- Am I clear?
- No.
Well, it now seems quite
possible that until...
We get to a decent jail
with bribe-able guards...
I may stand in some need of...
Rather close physical protection.
It depends on how long you want to live.
Oh, a long time.
Then you got a problem.
Well, I presume that you have some...
Goals, some particular need that...
Outweighs all others.
I mean, if so, may I ask what it is?
- Money.
- For what?
Very good.
You keep me alive...
Until we land in Guiana...
And I will underwrite any
escape you care to arrange.
Escape for me. Not for us.
Of course.
I have no intention of even
attempting an escape. Ever.
Thank you.
Leave him alone... or
I'll cut your head off!
Hide this!
Over there is Saint Joseph.
The other island is Royale.
The one the right is Devil's.
Julot, why is it so hard
to escape from there?
A man could swim to the mainland.
No, there must be a
better way than swimming.
No, swimming's not the way.
The current is so strong
it'll push you right back...
Where you started from.
When you're on those islands...
You're there for keeps.
Where do we go?
We go up the Moroni River.
Then we dock at Saint Laurent.
That's where they decide
whether to send you...
To the work camps or to the islands.
You see those two on
the dock with the guns?
Right over there.
They served their time.
Now they're colonists.
- They're turned man hunter.
- Man hunter?
Yeah, you escape, they hunt.
For money, I presume a reward.
- Jesus!
- Get ready to move!
Line up to disembark.
I'm going to have an accident
going down that gangplank...
And it's gotta look good...
- So lend me your shiv.
- What the hell for?
I'm a two-Time loser.
No matter what happens...
I'll be sent to the islands
on the next transport.
I have to get in the hospital to think.
Now give me that shiv!
You're crazy, Juliot.
Single file. March.
Hold it! Hold it!
Let's go!
Single file!
Move! Let's go!
Bring a stretcher.
Single file, single file.
Take him away!
- All right, move! Move.
- Let's go!
Move it!
Come on, move 'em! Let's go! Come on!
Column, march!
Keep moving.
You two, pick him up quickly!
Welcome to the Penal Colony...
Of French Guiana...
Whose prisoners you are...
And from which there is no escape.
First attempts at escape...
Add two years in solitary
to existing sentences.

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