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you get away.
I'm not going to tell you again.
Here you are, Freddie.
Freddie's not feeling well today and...
...you should appreciate that fact.
Here we are.
Okay, little one.
All right.
Freddie, that's not for you, that's Adam's.
Come here, Adam.
Let's take a walk.
Certainly. Isn't that a little small?
-It's just to try it with.
You know, I've been thinking
of building a porch.
There's not a home on the entire island
with a porch.
Not even Sergeant Santini has a porch.
-What do you think, huh?
-Come on.
It was the wrong wave.
Oh, yeah.
They come in a series of seven.
And the seventh wave is big enough...
...to take us both out
beyond the point of return.
Are you certain?
Oh, if we're going
I'd better pick those carrots.
Fourth wave.
I must tell you something.
Louis, you don't have to say anything.
I meant to.
I'm sorry.
I know.
You'll be killed.
You know that?
Please, don't do it.
Hey, you bastards, I'm still here!
Papillon made it to freedom.
And for the remaining years of his life
he lived a free man.
This, the infamous penal system
in French Guiana...All present and accounted for, sir.
Thank you, Captain.
As of this moment...
You are the property of
the Penal Administration...
Of French Guiana.
After serving your
full terms in prison...
Those of you with sentences...
Of eight years or more...
Will remain in Guiana...
As workers and colonists...
For a period equal to that
of your original sentences.
As for France...
The nation has disposed of you.
France has rid herself
of you altogether.
Forget France and put your clothes on.
Papillon! Papi!
You'll be back, Papillon.
Don't worry, you'll be back.
No, you won't.
You, that way.
Down there. You, too.
Next, over here. Come along.
Come on. Come in here.
You, too. Over there.
Come along, up there. Hurry up.
You, too. Down. Down. In there.
In there.
Come along, now. Down.
Come on down. Down there.
Come on, up there.
In there.
We're really something aren't we?
The only animals...
That shove things up
their ass for survival.
The first time I shoved one up my gut...
It infected me so bad the camp doctor...
Had to cut it out.
He doesn't have any ether...
So he knocks me out with rum.
- Then you know what he did?
- He stole it.
A butterfly. You're
Papillon, aren't you?
The bastards gave you life.
Right the end of the line they think.
It may not be as long as you think.
Forty percent of us will
die the first year out.
They gave him life, too.
The kid's only 18.
Look at him. No wonder he dreams.
He'll never make it.
But a man like you could make it...
If you have enough money.
Hong long were you there?
Nine years of work camp...
- Nine years a colonist.
- You were outside the wall.
- Why didn't you run?
- There's no place to run to.
You're out in the middle of a swamp...
1, 000 miles from... no place.
Now, if you've got a lot of
money that's a different thing.
I mean, you take somebody
like Dega there. Back there.
Louis Dega. The best
counterfeiter in France.
National Defense Bonds.
- Series of 1928.
- Right.
Now, if you've got money like he has...
There's a chance to buy your way out.
That is unless somebody...
Cuts his guts open first
to get out all that cash.
Everybody up! Let's go! Everybody up!
Come on, everybody up! Let's go!
Let's go!
Mind if sit down here?
If you wish.
You're Dega, aren't ya? Louis Dega?
Sorry to see you here.
I presume most of us
have earned our passage.
You're Papillon. You got
life for killing a pimp...
Then you had the bad taste
to tell the prosecutor...
You were going to
escape and kill him, too.
- I was framed. I'm innocent.
- No one is innocent.
I'm no pimp killer, for Christ's sake.
I'm a safe-cracker. And
that's a profession...
Of which I thoroughly disapprove.
I put almost everything I had...
Into National Defense Bonds.
Series of 1928.


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