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add two years in solitary
to existing sentences.
Second attempts, add five more.
Of course, more serious offenses...
...are dealt with in this fashion.
Hello, Papi!
Don't take advantage. I'm in handcuffs.
Make the best of what we offer you...
...and you will suffer less than you deserve.
Move! In the bunkhouse!
I have hot soup, with real meat in it.
Dega sent it to you.
My name is Maturette.
How are you?
Pretty good.
You'd be in much better health, you know,
if you'd given them my name.
I almost did.
Someone once said
that temptation resisted...
...is the true measure of character.
How'd you get out of Kilo 40?
It was the rankest sort of corruption.
Suffice it to say the warden
now has a new house...
...and I've become his chief clerk.
Papi, look....
My wife and lawyer...
...have convinced certain members
in the Ministry of Justice...
...that my sentence was a bit harsh.
Some months back I asked them...
...to look into your case...
...and they've made some headway.
One of the principle witnesses
against you...
...may be willing to change his story...
...for a price.
If this happened, when would it be?
You could be out in perhaps three years.
-Too long.
-No, it isn't.
And with a good job,
the time will pass very quickly.
Listen, my friend.
You owe me nothing.
Tell me what you want.
A boat.
I should have known.
Papi, don't you remember me?
What happened to your eyes?
I put some ground-up castor beans in 'em,
so I'd look sick enough to get in here.
I'm going with you.
Yeah. Listen....
Dega's got you on the x-ray list
for tomorrow.
The x-ray doctor, he's a convict.
Some kind of Hindu or something.
He's got somebody on the outside
who can sell you a boat...
...if the price is right.
When do we run, Papi?
Soon. I'll talk to that doctor tomorrow.
The last boat I obtained was
for a sex murderer.
They shot him to pieces
six miles down the river, poor man.
But the boat stood up very well.
You have the heart of an ox.
What kind of a boat?
Fourteen feet, complete with compass,
sails, tools, clothes.
The generator begins. Science takes over!
You know, x-rays are quite worthless.
They always have been.
Lie down, please, on the back.
How much would it cost?
Fr 3,000 in advance, which you pay to me...
...and I pay to Pascal,
who provides everything.
Draw a deep breath, please,
and hold completely still.
Another Fr 3,000 you must pay directly
to Pascal when he delivers the boat.
Exhale, please, and turn over.
If I decide to make a deal,
how do we handle it?
Have no fear. Ways will be found.
Trust me for everything.
The last time I did that
cost me two years in solitary.
So, you have been cheated, eh?
Well, happily for you,
money doesn't tempt me.
I'm after bigger game.
Draw a deep breath.
You see...
...I killed my whole family.
All of them. My wife and four little ones.
Exhale, if you haven't already.
You double-cross me, I'll kill ya.
Of course...
...I would consider that a favor.
A very great favor.
One of these nights I might ask you
to take that Turnkey into the toilet.
Show him a good time.
When you come out you'll get Fr 1,000.
That's my business. Your business is
to make him happy for ten minutes.
Fr 1,000.
He's filthy.
All right, Fr 2,000.
Does that make him any cleaner?
You think I'm a whore, don't you?
Well, you're wrong.
I'll do what you ask, on one condition:
You keep your money
and you take me with you.
I'm the only one
who can get you out of here.
-I know.
I'm a queer, a fairy, a pouf, huh?
But there's one thing you forgot.
You may have been framed,
as you say you were...
...but I wasn't.
Between the two of us...
...I'm the one who's killed a man, not you.
It's tonight during the concert.
I'll be there. I have to.
I'm serving refreshments.
I think you ought to go with us, Louis.
-You ought to.
-Thank you.
But my

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