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My family lost everything they had
in counterfeit National Defense Bonds.
Oh, I'm very sorry to hear that, sir.
Even so, buying them was a tribute
to their patriotism, wouldn't you say?
And you're Mr. Dega's friend?
There's one thing about Saint Laurent
you'll like:
We never separate old friends.
Kilo 40. Both of them. Today's transport.
What is Kilo 40?
Don't touch him.
You'll wind up worse off than he is.
Move! Get moving!
Get up, you lazy bastards!
You get that crock
and you bring him along!
You! Pick another man
and grab that crock.
Come on, move!
The son of a bitch isn't dead,
they just irritated him!
Get his tail. You get his tail.
-Where's his tail?
-Over there.
-Are you ready?
-So am l.
-Go ahead.
-Is that the tail?
I'd better go over to this side.
You get the head.
-The head?
You try the tail.
Okay, now you try the head.
Grab him!
He's dead.
He's still talking.
He's dead!
He's dead?
Move it!
Come on.
Come on, hands up.
Bring it around here.
Just lay the crock right there.
-Just drop it.
-Hold it.
Move out.
He's pretty big.
This skin's worth some money.
Move it!
What the hell are you looking at?
You're Louis Dega.
Yes, sir.
I'm Clusiot.
How come you ended up
in a place like this?
Friend's kind of quiet, isn't he?
He's dead.
He jammed a piece of wood down
his throat and choked himself to death.
Three-way split....
It's fair, isn't it?
Worst country in the world for malaria.
Here, take them.
Go ahead, I've got some left.
Well, if I'm going to get my sleep...
...I'll have to take this poor bastard
with me.
A decent man.
The man hunters.
The ones we saw down at the dock.
Son of a bitches.
-Yeah, that's right.
Some guy named Richter.
He works every camp on the river
buying the damn things.
We catch them, he buys them,
the guards get the big payoff.
It's called the Blue Morphus butterfly.
It's wings are used for dye
in making American currency.
How often does he come up here?
A couple of times a month.
No other way.
I handle a boat pretty good myself,
you know?
You're supposed to catch them,
you clumsy bastard.
-Where do you send these bugs, sir?
-The United States.
How much would you charge
to send this one to Panama?
Guard, come here a minute.
Don't turn me in, for Christ's sake.
I got Fr 1,000.
I didn't hear you.
I said I got Fr 2,000 on me.
Right now.
What's the trouble?
This man just brought me
the finest Morphus...
...I've ever seen.
Why don't you get him a net?
Right away, sir.
I want a seaworthy boat, new sails.
It'll cost you Fr 4,000, my friend.
Half now, half on delivery.
When will that be?
One week from tonight.
Where will the boat be?
Half a mile down river.
About 300 yards this side of the river...
...there's a big tree.
You can't miss it.
I'll be there.
You bring me the rest of the money.
I'll take you to your boat.
You're a goddamn burglar...
...and that proves it.
Are you asleep?
I've been thinking....
When you decide to go...
...I'd very much appreciate going with you.
-Can you handle a boat?
Well, can you even see a boat
without your glasses?
I can help.
Jesus Christ! You're the one
that didn't want to risk it.
I didn't.
Now I have no choice.
If I stay here in this place...
...I'll die.
Well, it's your money.
You two, I've got a job for you.
You load a stiff into the boat,
you load him right now.
Pick him up.
Don't puke here!
Hey, Sarge!
He didn't mean it, sir. He's sick.
I'll take care of him.
Stop that, you pig!
You just leave him to me.
I'll take care of him, sir.
Stop, you bastard!
Do you realize that the first man
who carved a wheel out of stone...
...used it as an ornament?
I've always admired him for that.
There's one search party that gave up.

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