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Москва слезам не верит

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There's only the group from 25
to 30, and you've got arthritis.
You can't dance with them, so don't
come complaining to me again.
I give you my word, I won't.
All right, I'll put you
in the youngest group.
Only don't say you haven't been
And you, please, drop in Thursday.
You'll fill in our test forms,
and then we'll send you an invitation.
- Thank you. Good afternoon.
- See you Thursday.
How about that? Chief engineer
in a factory and he comes to us.
99 percent are intellectuals.
They suffer more than the others.
But you should see the ladies.
Gorgeous human beings!
Well-bred, intelligent
and pretty too!
You wonder what do men want.
It's a mystery.
Of course, that's not a problem
for you there, at the City Hall.
Why do you say that?
I'm single, too.
Come on.
Well, if even at the City Hall...
Look, I might be able
to help you.
There's a man I set aside.
He's a chief executive.
And only fifty-three.
Thank you very much.
I can cope myself.
Your rear suspension is squeaking.
And I thought
I was just imagining it.
You ought to get it fixed soon
before it gets worse.
All right, I will.
Where are we going?
We're going to my place.
No, I'm not going to your place!
Don't get nervous. My wife and
daughter are still on vacation.
No, we shouldn't do that!
I want you to see how I live.
Please, say yes!
There's nothing in the fridge, but
I brought some apples from the south.
We haven't seen one another for ages!
The last time I saw you,
it must of been the 20th of June.
The eighteenth.
I'm always afraid that I'll call
my wife by your name.
I guess it's because I think of you
every minute.
No, not here, I don't want to.
I missed you so much!
That must be my mother-in-law!
- I'll go and look in the eye-hole.
- No, don't move.
- Does she have a key?
- No.
Calm down then.
It's all my fault.
I called her from the airport.
Now she'll have something
to tell my wife.
You can say you were sleeping.
I think she's gone.
I think I'd better be going too.
You said you had the whole
evening free.
I have a lot of work to do
for the office.
I meant it when I said
how much I missed you.
You're upset because of what
You think I'm foolish.
Come on, it could've happened
to anyone.
- Will you give me a call tonight?
- Yes, of course.
No, wait.
Don't forget, call me tonight.
Is something wrong?
Yes, something's wrong.
Oh, flowers? Where did you get 'em?
A man gave them to me.
When are you gonna get rid
of that piece ofjunk?
If you take care of a car
it can last a hundred years.
You've led a perfectly honest
sort of life,
and what d'ya got to show for it,
just a couple of hairs on your head.
Baldness is in style nowadays.
- Is that in style too?
- That happens when you're nervous.
What a surprise!
It's great to see you!
How did you know we were here?
I didn't find any of you home,
so I figured you were in the country.
I came to say goodbye.
I've decided to go home.
I've hung around Moscow for too long.
I owe you money. I'll send it
when I get my first paycheck.
Are there a lot of people under you?
Nearly three thousand.
Organizing all that must be
very hard work.
It's hard getting the first three
workers organized, then it's easy.
- Is something wrong, mother?
- I'm all right, go on talking.
I'm always holding you up to the
children as an example.
You've achieved everything
you wanted to.
Only don't tell them that once
you've gotten everything you wanted
you feel like howling.
- You ought to get married.
- It's not a question of marriage.
It is. Though it's not easy
in your line of work.
Men are afraid of women
who earn more than they do.
Where are the men nowadays?
They're getting fat and lazy.
You go to the theatre or museum and
what do you see? Only women.
The men are watching television
or drinking with their friends.
Once they reach forty, they vegetate.
They don't even polish their
Москва слезам не верит Москва слезам не верит

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