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Москва слезам не верит

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friend of mine actually
married an architect that way.
Liuda, you're unbelievable!
It takes a lot of work
to make a marriage.
I'm sure that someday I'm gonna
be lucky.
Mother, why didn't you ask me
to do that?
I get tired just sitting around.
She's getting old, isn't she?
Her husband's death was pretty
hard on her.
She was only five years older
than we today
when we first met.
As if it happened yesterday.
Hot tea here!
Get your hot tea here.
That's it. I can't carry it
Over here. Thank you, my son.
I know, I'm not proud of my shoes
Well, I don't care about your shoes.
But they upset you, don't they?
I can tell it from your face.
- Is face reading your hobby?
- Sure.
I can tell that you're not married.
Because you don't see a wedding ring
on my finger?
Even if you were wearing three
wedding rings on each hand,
you still have that unmarried look
about you.
You mean single women have
a special look about them?
Their look is kind of searching.
The same look police usually have,
an executive has it,
and a single woman has it too.
- I'm in the police then.
- No.
- An executive?
- No...
You work in a factory, but as what?
Specialist, right?
Though I see you also in a position
of leadership.
Maybe the factory union leader.
Is that what you do?
Yeah, you're almost right.
I'm a specialist myself.
A tool and die maker.
I'm single in case you're interested.
- Then you're not so perfect.
- I've just had bad luck in marriage.
I see, you had a bitchy wife.
No, she was sweet. She even found
herself a second husband.
So that was your fault?
Actually I'm a very nice guy.
And how about?
What? Oh, I love to have a drink!
But never on the job
and never on an empty stomach.
Not far from where I live there's
a pond and birch trees.
- You sit in the shade...
- With boisterous children around.
No, we go where no one bothers us.
And we always make sure
to leave the place clean.
I've got a friend who has an ulcer.
He can't eat anything.
But he likes to watch us eat.
It makes him feel good.
When you make a sandwich of rye
bread with slices of onion
and maybe some anchovies...
You're already making me feel
You're invited then.
I don't go any place with men
I don't know.
- Never made an exception?
- Goodbye.
Could you carry my samovar?
All right, but let's hurry up.
- I think I'd better see you home.
- What for?
I happen to have five rubles,
so I can offer you a ride.
That will be enough only for one way.
I'm gonna walk home.
Walking never hurt anybody.
- What is your name?
- Goga.
But you can call me Gosha.
All right, Goga.
That's all I need.
You're getting home pretty late.
I've been waiting two hours for you.
- Why?
- Because I had to see you.
- Why?
- I need you.
All right. Come on up, I'd like you
to meet my daughter.
- You've got a daughter?
- Are you surprised?
Do you have a husband waiting too?
Is what you need an unmarried
You and your husband had a fight
and you use me to pay him back?
With an observant mind like yours
you ought to work as a weather man.
Come on in.
I want you to meet a friend of mine,
Alexandra. Pleased to meet you.
Put all this in the refrigerator,
will you.
All right. No husband.
- What do you think?
- It's all right.
- Take yourjacket off.
- And what about dinner?
Let me rest first. I'll start
making dinner in a few minutes.
No, just relax.
- Are you going to eat?
- And what if I am?
In that case you can start
peeling the onions.
Dinner is ready!
- How does your mother call you?
- Maroussia.
I think I'm gonna call you
Maroussia too.
And I'll call you Vassya.
I've got a lot of nicknames already.
There's Jora, Youra, Gosha, Goga,
Do you work in the same factory
that mother does?
No, we don't work together.
Though we're going to live together,
I hope.
You mean that you want to marry her?
Have you known her for a long time?
Москва слезам не верит Москва слезам не верит

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