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Москва слезам не верит

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that you've called.
Yes, sure I'll see you tonight.
It's something else.
They're going to cut off my phone.
They said it's because of
the government's needs.
From now on I'll be calling you.
See you tonight then.
That's it, I'm fed up with this
endless lying.
When Rudy comes here tomorrow,
I'm going to tell him.
Don't even think of it!
If you do, Seryozha will find out.
Well, I don't care about that!
No, Katia, you'll ruin everything.
This champagne is so heady.
The aristocrats used to drink it.
- To you.
- And to you.
- Shall we dance?
- All right.
The light hurts my eyes.
No, don't, Rudy! Please don't...
- Goodbye.
- So you're moving out, Katia?
- And who's going to walk Tchapa?
- Aunt Rita.
We'll be back here someday.
Rudy said that in the West
they celebrate special events
in restaurants.
They have all gone crazy over there.
What kind of food can you get
in a restaurant?
You got to have a television.
Absolutely. When the furniture's
paid up we're going to buy a TV set.
Tonia, you'd better start with
the television set.
Because the television is
the future of mankind.
I just love your dill pickles.
I can't stop eating them.
That's Misha who makes them.
I never knew that you liked
dill pickles.
I do now.
Are you trying to tell us something?
Tell me how it happened.
- I don't know what you mean.
- I mean are you pregnant?
- Yes.
- When did it happen?
- While we were living there.
- That was three months ago!
- Does he know?
- No.
- Why didn't you tell him?
- Because he'd learn the other lies.
I've gotten myself into trouble,
that's all.
First you have to make him marry
you, then you tell him everything.
If he loves you, he'll forgive you.
No, a lie is no way to start
a family.
I hate to do it.
Kiss the bride!
Leave me alone.
And may you have a happy and long
life and many children! A kiss!
We have to do something, girls.
Mikhalych has been asking for you.
He says it's important.
This girl has a promising future.
She's as good as any engineer.
The kerchief must go.
Would you mind walking a little?
The lady's a director.
You're going to be on television.
But I can't. There's too much work
to do on the fourth shift.
I think she'll do very nicely.
Would you mind saying a few
I don't know what to say.
I've written down the answers
to the questions that Liudochka
here will be asking.
- Please learn your lines.
- Get ready.
Are you sick?
Yes, I'm sick.
I can't go through with this.
Stop this nonsense.
The whole country will be watching,
people will be writing to you.
You take this tool and start
Rudy, are you ready to begin?
Let's get going!
Katia Tikhomirova
is the only girl at this factory
who is working as a mechanic.
Have a look at the complex machine
that Katia has started to work on.
Katia can solve any problem here,
isn't that right?
Well, I think I can.
You were hired as an operator,
weren't you?
But you wanted to do more
creative work, right?
Is that why you decided to be
a mechanic?
Not really.
Itjust happened.
I was asked to become a mechanic
by Mikhalych...
Excuse me, I mean Comrade Lednev.
He's our foreman and a very good
He asked me, and I agreed.
It's rare that anyone accepts though,
the pay is so bad.
- What are you talking about?
- The quotas should be reviewed.
We simply have to reevaluate
qualified labor throughout the plant.
You probably want to continue
your education
and return to this factory
as an engineer?
I was hoping to enter a college
last year, but I failed the exams.
I hope to do better this year.
But I'll come back to work here
only if I fail again.
I want to be a chemistry major.
Good luck to you, Katia.
And thank you very much.
Is that all? Here.
Hi! Interesting coincidence,
finding you in a place like this.
Yes, very interesting.
I see you're a model worker.
Are you disappointed?
No, not at all.
Actually, I'm delighted.
Well, I've got
Москва слезам не верит Москва слезам не верит

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