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Москва слезам не верит

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May Ludmilla stay with me?
- Is she neat?
- Very neat!
Alright then, she can stay.
May I speak to Ghena? Is that you?
I didn't recognize your voice.
Look, they changed my telephone
number. Write it down.
Say hello to Tchapa, guys.
You wrote down my address?
All right, Sergey, ciao!
Here, hold him.
We're having guests tomorrow
- Here?
- No, in our dormitory.
I already got in touch with
a scientist,
an athlete, a television man,
a poet and a couple of engineers.
- They accepted?
- They'll be here before you know.
One thing you have to agree to.
We're the daughters of
Professor Tikhomirov.
I'm a medical student
specializing in psychiatry,
and you're studying chemistry
and industrial technology.
Men prefer women
in the intellectual professions.
For example, a doctor. Her hands
are clean, she wears a white blouse.
Or a music teacher. It's very
romantic, and earns a good living.
Of course, interior decorating
is a chic profession.
The only trouble is that
it's hard to fake.
Can you fake a psychiatrist?
I wasn't a nurse's aid in a loony
bin just for nothing.
The stories I can tell them
will make them crazy.
- The point is to impress them.
- They're bound to find out about us.
I know what to do. I'll have a fight
with Dad and move in with my hubby.
Then I'll go to work every day,
and he'll think I'm still a student.
That goes on for a year, then I'll
get pregnant and become a housewife.
And even if he does find out,
it'll be too late.
He will have gotten used to me,
and he'll adore his kid.
He'll probably even beg me
to forgive him.
Why would he do that?
Well, I'll find a reason when I
have to. So you'll do it?
We'd never get away with it.
Oh, Katia, do it for me, please.
No, I don't like it.
Then I'll tell them
that you're my maid.
What a bore you are.
Take a chance for once in your life.
I don't even look like a professor's
All we have to do for it to work
is avoid making two mistakes.
One is lousy grammar, and
the other is asking dumb questions.
What if they ask me a question
and I give a dumb answer?
Do it, but like you mean it.
That's called "point of view".
- Take me, I'm pretty vulgar, right?
- You said it, I didn't.
Well, guys call it eccentric.
So will you do it?
No! I just don't believe you can
act like something you're not.
Pleased to meet you.
- Katia.
- Anton.
And what's your last name?
You can call me just Anton.
The last name is for my office.
Please, come right in.
Put these in some water.
Gentlemen, I think you can make
your own introductions.
industrial executive.
Perov. I'm a scientist.
Edward Ozeryansky,
research engineer.
Kruglov, industrial executive.
The one with the badge
is a scientist.
- What science?
- Just science.
- Oh, you shouldn't have...
- That's my contribution.
- It wasn't necessary.
- Go ahead, let's have a look.
Oh, pardon me!
Could you take all this
in the other room?
I'm sorry, I was delayed
at the studio.
I understand.
Meet my little sister.
It's a pleasure.
- Katia.
- Rudolph.
I don't agree. Poetry is definitely
on the rise.
There are interesting young poets.
Yevtushenko, for example.
You don't know him?
He shows a lot of promise.
Although in my opinion,
Robert is more daring.
Rozhdestvensky. You've heard
of him, haven't you?
He's fabulously talented.
A young rebel.
There're too many rebels now.
They criticize the older generation.
They want to know why we kept
silent for so long.
I wonder what they would have
done in our place.
We would have spoken up.
Seryozha, you haven't touched
your wine.
- I'm not allowed.
- Poor health?
No. The coach won't allow me to.
Cause I'm in training.
You are Gourin, aren't you?
Yes, Gourin.
I thought you looked familiar.
I used to broadcast the games
you played.
We should be honored to be
at the same table as Gourin.
Don't be so modest. I read what
Москва слезам не верит Москва слезам не верит

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