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Москва слезам не верит

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fall in love.
Because a man's faults come out.
Yes, but he doesn't have any faults.
He's the most perfect man
in the whole world!
How did you expect her to tell you
that she made more money than you?
She lied to me!
That was just a misunderstanding.
No, that's the matter of principle.
Her big problem is
that a man's social standing
is more important for her
than his, that is, my personal
Translate it.
- Look...
- Some more vodka?
Go and see who it is.
I told you that I'd bring him here.
And that's what I've done.
Who brought who over here
isn't very sure.
- Where is she?
- In there.
Eat some more.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Gosha.
- I'm Antonina.
Sit down, please.
It's about time we were going...
I propose that we all get together
at least once a week.
From now on it's like
we're in the same family.
That's an original way
of putting it.
- Have you got dinner ready?
- Sure.
Let's eat.
I'm very hungry.
What's wrong?
It's been such a long time!
Eight days.
No. I looked for you a long time!
Not everything works out right away,
And Moscow was built not in one day.
It never took your word for it,
It only believed in love.
Whether covered with soft snow,
Or glistening in autumn glow,
It will warm a Ionely soul
And nurture a tree in a grove...
Vera ALENTOVA as Katerina
Alexei BATALOV as Gosha
Irina MURAVYOVA as Ludmilla
Alexander FATIUSHIN as Gourin
Raissa RYAZANOVA as Antonina
Boris SMORCHKOV as Nikolai
Yuri VASSILIEV as Rachkov
Natalya VAVILOVA as Alexandra
Oleg TABAKOV as Volodya
Yevghenia KHANAYEVA as Rachkov's Mother
Valentina USHAKOVA as Nikolai's Mother
Victor URALSKY as Nikolai's Father
Zoya FYODOROVA as Concierge
Lia AKHEDJAKOVA as Club Manager
Tatiana KONYUKHOVA as Herself
Innokenty SMOKTUNOVSKY as Himself
Georgy YUMATOV as Himself
Leonid KHARITONOV as Himself
Pavel RUDAKOV as Himself
Veniamin NECHAYEV as Himself
English Subtitles by
Second Artists' Association
Screenplay by
Directed by
Vladimir MENSHOV
Director of Photography
Production Designer
Music by Sergey NIKITIN
Lyrics by D. SUKHAREV
Moscow. 1958
Workers' Dormitory
- You failed?
- I missed by two points.
- Have you checked the list?
- I have. I'm not on it.
Don't give up. You'll work and
study at night,
and next year you'll make it
for sure...
Look who is here!
Don't look so depressed, Katerina.
I'm not depressed.
- Just two points!
- I'll make it no matter what.
No one said you wouldn't.
After all, 35 is the age limit.
You got plenty of time, believe me.
Couldn't you at least clean up
your face?
Kolia'll be here any minute.
He's taking me to watch a concert.
To watch a concert! After two years
in Moscow you can't talk properly.
- Don't come in!
- Come in, please!
- Hi!
- Good evening.
- You're not well?
- You made me blush all over.
I'm sorry.
- Want to have a look?
- No, thanks.
Kolia! I'll be ready in a second!
Why d'you have to frighten him?
You know, he's so shy.
Yeah, you wouldn't call him
an intellectual.
You could have found a dunce
like him at home in your village.
What were you so scared of?
It was a strawberry beauty mask.
Don't forget,
the doors are locked after twelve.
We'll be back in time.
We're going to watch a concert.
To watch a concert!
And you call yourself a Muscovite!
Women's dormitory.
Which Ludmilla? There're
Ludmillas by the dozens here.
Oh, that Ludmilla...
Just a minute. She's taking a bath
right now.
Sviridova, telephone for you!
She'll be right with you. She's
in the middle of drying off.
I said you were taking a bath.
Vadik? Of course, I remember.
What dormitory? Oh, that's our
granny. She's a greatjoker.
Москва слезам не верит Москва слезам не верит

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