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Москва слезам не верит

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have met a wonderful man
whom I love now.
Believe me, everything
will work out for the best.
Life begins at 40.
It may sound trite, but it's true.
Goodbye, and please
don't call me up anymore.
I want to see my daughter!
No, you won't go there!
I'm going with you!
- This is none of your business.
- This is my business!
I'm gonna lock the door!
I'm going with you!
- Where are you going?
- Nowhere.
You're right. It's getting late.
You can go there tomorrow.
Wait, I'm coming with you!
Let go of me!
- What's going on?
- There's gonna be a fight.
- What about?
- About me.
All right, let's have the story.
I used to go out
with Volodya Kopylov.
Now I'm going with Nikita
and he loves me.
I'm in love with him too.
And Kopylov and his pals
are out to get him.
They don't want him
to see me anymore.
Nikita has bruises all over.
That shows he really loves you.
Let's go and help him.
I wanted to call the police,
but mother wouldn't let me.
She said this is something
we should handle ourselves.
- Right, that's the best way.
- There are five of them.
- Thought it over?
- Yeah, you're punks.
- Who's a punk? Me?
- You! You're another punk!
- And maybe he's a punk too?
- You're a bunch of punks!
Take it easy, boys.
Five against one, is it?
You know I don't think
I like those odds.
I'd advise you to mind
your own business, pop!
It's just that five against one
isn't my idea of a fair fight.
I don't believe in beating up
ladies and sick old men,
but I think I can make
an exception for you though.
That was just for practice.
- Just a preventive measure.
- They read books.
He could've broken my arm, you know.
- Are you an expert in judo?
- That's right.
Now get lost, pops!
Why shouldn't we take
our friend over there with us?
Well, bastard, I got the message!
The evening's been quiet till now,
but things are gonna pick up.
You want a taste of my boot, too?
Oh, you tripped!
Stay down!
Now take it easy.
Let me go! Don't bother me!
We'd better be going.
You dare lay a hand on him again
or even touch him...
- Tough girl!
- You bet!
- Are we gonna tell mother?
- No need to.
Why not? I want her to know
what you've done.
You acted like a real man.
Any man would do it.
Making a decision and fight for it
is a man's duty.
You wouldn't be proud of a woman
just because she can cook a meal?
I don't know how to cook a meal.
That's all right, I'll teach you.
Why didn't you continue
your education?
- What for?
- To become an executive.
Should everyone
be an executive?
No, not at all,
but everyone wants to.
Ever hear of the Roman emperor
At the very height of his empire,
he just gave away the crown and
settled down somewhere in the country.
And when he was asked to take over
again, he said:
"Once you've seen the cabbages
that I've grown,
you'll stop asking me."
- He never went back?
- No.
You see, not everybody wants
to be some kind of leader.
Although it seems to be the only
case in the history of the world.
So you'd rather grow cabbages?
I prefer doing the things
I like doing.
I don't care a damn about prestige
or stupid fashion.
I love the kind of work I do
because I know that I'm needed.
I love my friends,
because we never get tired of
each other, of our talks.
I love your mother because...
because I love her.
- Why are you laughing?
- It's fun talking to you.
You think you're as happy
as any man could be?
No, not really.
If I could get
a glass of cold soda now,
then I'd consider myself
absolutely happy.
- You shouldn't have done it.
- Done what?
I told her everything.
I couldn't help it.
Using your fists is no way
to settle problems.
- And if they don't understand words?
- Then you didn't explain properly.
And you, a grown-up man, should've
known better than that.
Now these boys are going to believe
that might makes right.
They'll learn that using violence
they should expect violence in return.
Москва слезам не верит Москва слезам не верит

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