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Москва слезам не верит

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of hairs on your head.
Baldness is in style nowadays.
- Is that in style too?
- That happens when you're nervous.
What a surprise!
It's great to see you!
How did you know we were here?
I didn't find any of you home,
so I figured you were in the country.
I came to say goodbye.
I've decided to go home.
I've hung around Moscow for too long.
I owe you money. I'll send it
when I get my first paycheck.
Are there a lot of people under you?
Nearly three thousand.
Organizing all that must be
very hard work.
It's hard getting the first three
workers organized, then it's easy.
- Is something wrong, mother?
- I'm all right, go on talking.
I'm always holding you up to the
children as an example.
You've achieved everything
you wanted to.
Only don't tell them that once
you've gotten everything you wanted
you feel like howling.
- You ought to get married.
- It's not a question of marriage.
It is. Though it's not easy
in your line of work.
Men are afraid of women
who earn more than they do.
Where are the men nowadays?
They're getting fat and lazy.
You go to the theatre or museum and
what do you see? Only women.
The men are watching television
or drinking with their friends.
Once they reach forty, they vegetate.
They don't even polish their shoes,
it's disgusting!
I hate men who wear dirty shoes.
It's crude.
You ought to be prosecuted for
exploiting a skilled worker.
It was your idea to put some away
for the winter, so don't complain.
Do you know that Ghena brought
a girl friend along?
I'd better go before his father
says something stupid.
- Gourin came over.
- He's been drinking again?
No, he's fine. He's like that every
time he comes out of the hospital.
That explains why he hasn't come
around begging for a while.
He was such a nice guy!
It's because he was so nice
that he became like that.
Everybody wanted to drink with him,
and he couldn't refuse
because he was too nice.
Now all his friends have disappeared
and left him all alone.
I'm sure he'll get better.
I thought so too at first,
I even took him to see doctors.
How I begged!
I've done my best.
Marina, why don't you have
some more?
Do you know how workers were hired
in the old days?
Shut up, I wasn't talking to you.
You're always interrupting me.
Marina has never heard this story.
They gave a worker all the food
he wanted.
If the man ate poorly,
he wasn't allowed to work there.
What have I done wrong?
I want some bread.
I met a client whose husband
hunts whales for a living.
They make a beauty cream on the side.
You use a little at bedtime, and in
the morning your wrinkles disappear.
What do they put in the cream?
I swear, your skin'll look like
All our players have gotten jobs.
I've been asked to coach
several times.
For years I didn't realize
how I was living.
I haven't been to a game
in over a year.
No, I've got to call it quits.
Right. You're still a young man.
A man can start over again
if he really wants to.
This is the pippin.
Over here we have strawberries.
And here... Have an apple.
I did this years ago.
You know, I've always envied you.
The love you share.
I was told how to meet a single man.
You go to a cemetery.
You're bound to meet an intellectual
who's a recent widower.
You let him look at you,
and the next thing you know...
A friend of mine actually
married an architect that way.
Liuda, you're unbelievable!
It takes a lot of work
to make a marriage.
I'm sure that someday I'm gonna
be lucky.
Mother, why didn't you ask me
to do that?
I get tired just sitting around.
She's getting old, isn't she?
Her husband's death was pretty
hard on her.
She was only five years older
than we today
when we first met.
As if it happened yesterday.
Hot tea here!
Get your hot tea here.
That's it. I can't carry it
Over here. Thank you, my son.
I know, I'm not proud of my shoes
Well, I don't care about your shoes.
But they upset you,
Москва слезам не верит Москва слезам не верит

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