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Москва слезам не верит

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long, but really, movies, books...
Just wait twenty years and you'll
Well, in twenty years everything
will be completely changed.
It isn't all that much, twenty years.
In twenty years I'll be old.
Believe me, at forty you'll think
that your life just begins.
At forty? You're joking!
If God really created us all,
he should be generous
and give us at least a thimbleful
of hope.
Where did you graduate from?
We don't have any special school
for television yet.
Seryozha, you're like a bear.
Well, what do you think of Sweden?
We just looked out a bus window.
We're still at the beginning of TV,
but it already represents the future.
- Have you been to a studio?
- No, I've never been there.
- Want to visit?
- Oh yes, can I?
I can arrange it.
Washington says we're a bust,
Treats us just like old dust.
But in space we're the first.
With green envy they can burst.
An old house on the block
Was dynamited at one o'clock.
And instead the new one fell,
The old one is holding well.
An old man in a restaurant
Ate a very, very lot.
Now his rent is paid well for,
It's a cemetery plot.
Oh look! It's Katerina!
That's her all right!
She really looks pretty, doesn't she?
It's funny, but for sisters you're
not much alike.
- You mean I'm not pretty?
- It's not that...
You're so different.
A loving son to his dear dad
Gave a lottery ticket.
Father won a car, no buts,
And the son is going nuts.
Don't do that again,
and I mean it, Seryozha.
Why not?
You're famous, and girls
just throw themselves at you.
- I'm not that kind of girl.
- Who cares if I'm famous.
My coach also says that I'm not
like everybody else.
And I've only had one girlfriend
in my entire life.
So you've got one...
It was when I was still in school.
Don't do that.
It might make no difference to you,
but I'm the kind who takes it
So am I.
Vitya, will you stop pounding,
That's Rudy when he was one year
old. And that's his father.
Our place is small, isn't it?
- I think your apartment's lovely.
- You're just being nice.
Rudy told me about your apartment.
It seems it's gorgeous.
Yes, it's not bad.
Vitya, stop pounding the piano!
And here we all are on vacation.
Your family must go to the Crimea,
The Crimea's cold this year,
isn't it?
Cold? Somewhat, yes...
Not really cold I mean.
- But it isn't summer either.
- Right.
Mother, you haven't stopped talking
to Katia. Please, dinner is ready.
- Vitya, sit down.
- Vitya, sit there, will you?
Would you like some salad?
And cold tongue with a cream sauce.
- You want some champagne, mom?
- Yes, please.
Vitya, we bought some soda for you.
Well then, as they say, here's
to friendship!
And who knows where friendship
will lead you.
Vitya, don't eat like a pig.
Use the knife you're supposed to.
I forgot, which one?
Oh, we went through that this
morning. What will our guest think?
- Let me offer you some sturgeon.
- No!
I'm allergic to sturgeon.
- It gives me cramps.
- Oh! You don't say!
And besides, I already ate a big
meal today. I really can't eat.
Good you're here. You can give me
a hand.
We've just got a telegram. Our hosts
will be here the day after tomorrow.
That's what I call being polite.
They warn you in advance.
- What are we going to do?
- I've got everything worked out.
Seryozha, good that you've called.
Yes, sure I'll see you tonight.
It's something else.
They're going to cut off my phone.
They said it's because of
the government's needs.
From now on I'll be calling you.
See you tonight then.
That's it, I'm fed up with this
endless lying.
When Rudy comes here tomorrow,
I'm going to tell him.
Don't even think of it!
If you do, Seryozha will find out.
Well, I don't care about that!
No, Katia, you'll ruin everything.
This champagne is so heady.
The aristocrats used to drink it.
- To you.
- And to you.
- Shall we dance?
- All right.
The light hurts my eyes.
No, don't,
Москва слезам не верит Москва слезам не верит

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