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Москва слезам не верит

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twenty-year plan
like the government.
- What's so bad about it?
- What's good living like that?
Don't you understand that
we live in Moscow?
And Moscow's one big lottery,
you can hit the jackpot.
Moscow is full of diplomats,
artists, actors and poets.
Practically they're all men.
And we're women.
What do they need us for?
They have their own women.
But we're no worse than the others.
Where can we find those artists?
That's the point.
We have to find them.
Leave it to me.
Galia, get up! You told me
to wake you up at nine.
Girls, strip your beds today!
- What happened to the hot water?
- They turned it off.
Still sleeping? You're going
to sleep your life away.
It's Sunday. Why are you
bothering me so early?
- Where's Antonina?
- Went to the country with Kolia.
She's got bogged down in the
bourgeois mire. Where're you going?
I'm going to visit some relatives.
They sent me a card.
What relatives?
- Uncle Lyosha.
- Who's that?
He's a professor.
He's my mother's cousin.
I stayed at their place for a week
when I first came to Moscow.
Oh yeah, I remember now.
- Where are you going after that?
- To the Tretiakov Gallery.
After all I taught you about how
to get a man and you go there.
The only kind of men you're
going to find there are tourists.
I go to see the paintings,
not the men.
Well, I'm going to visit the Lenin
Library's biology department today.
Imagine the clientele it's got.
The kind of men there.
Doctors, academicians, philosophers.
Are you going to spend your
morning watching them read?
No, I'll hang around the smoking
Hello, Maria.
I have a surprise for you.
I managed to dig up two tickets
to the Van Cliburn concert.
Tonight at the Sports Palace.
Try to get out early today.
I'll meet you at the subway station.
All those guys are not serious
Imagine, to a distinguished man,
with a degree in something or other,
I babble something half
and I can have him eating out
of my hand.
- Want to come with me tomorrow?
- I can't, I'm moving out.
Uncle Lyosha is going South.
He asked me to look after their place.
- I couldn't say no.
- You'd be crazy to say no!
- Where does he live?
- Revolution Square.
In one of those skyscrapers?
I'm moving in with you.
Good morning. The Tikhomirovs.
No, wait! Hold it!
Now, here's where I keep the beans.
The sugar's there, too.
Don't worry about a thing,
Aunt Rita.
Well then, make yourself at home.
Tchapochka, my baby, you're
going to miss me, aren't you?
Only half an hour left and the car
isn't here yet. I'm so nervous.
Don't get so upset. The car is
waiting downstairs.
It's all Bogomolov's fault,
with his damned theory.
I had to get up on the podium
and argue with him for hours on end.
Katia, how are you?
Any news from your mother?
Everything is all right.
Pleased to meet you. Tikhomirov.
Sit down. It brings good luck.
I was able to arrange
for the medicine.
Write to your mother that I'll
send it to her as soon as I'm back.
- What are you crying about?
- Tchapochka's so sad.
- Come on, girls, hurry up!
- We're coming.
Water the flowers twice a week,
put the mail on the desk.
Tchapochka's got to be walked
at 5 in the morning and after supper.
You forgot to give me Tchapochka!
May Ludmilla stay with me?
- Is she neat?
- Very neat!
Alright then, she can stay.
May I speak to Ghena? Is that you?
I didn't recognize your voice.
Look, they changed my telephone
number. Write it down.
Say hello to Tchapa, guys.
My folks went to the shore.
We're going to have a ball now!
You wrote down my address?
All right, Sergey, ciao!
Here, hold him.
We're having guests tomorrow
- Here?
- No, in our dormitory.
I already got in touch with
a scientist,
an athlete, a television man,
a poet and a couple of engineers.
- They accepted?
- They'll be here before you know.
One thing you have to agree to.
We're the daughters of
Professor Tikhomirov.
Москва слезам не верит Москва слезам не верит

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