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Москва слезам не верит

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to be late, get out!
You're a bitch! What about everything
I bought you, have you forgotten?
You drank up everything you bought!
It was my money,
I had the right to drink!
I don't want to see you again!
We were divorced seven years ago!
Couldn't you just lend me
two or three rubles?
I really need it!
There! Take whatever I have. I'm
leaving me just 10 kopecks for bus.
You're an angel, Liuda.
I swear, I'll pay you back!
There's still a stain, look!
Some stains don't come out.
That'll teach you to be neater.
- There you are.
- Thank you.
You have a ticket?
Your package...
- Ticket please?
- It's a suit.
How interesting.
You've got it? Is it clean?
I've just chosen the most stunning
pair of shoes.
I want you to see them.
Do us a favor
and wrap it up once more.
I'm sorry, but there's a paper
shortage in the country.
Why is it that generals always have
the same kind of wife?
I would have made a perfect
general's wife!
For that you would have
to marry a lieutenant first
and for years move with him
from one small town to another.
In life, there's such a thing
as luck, you know.
That's why I buy a lottery ticket
every week.
You win yet?
Sure I did. I won a ruble twice.
It's the categorical imperative.
It was Kant who thought of it.
Mankind should work
for the maximum...
- That's Gourin.
- Where?
There must be a certificate
that goes with it.
How you doing? Want a drink?
- Want some vodka instead?
- Yeah, just a little.
Excuse me, are you Gourin?
Everything is okay.
To solve these problems
is your job.
You're being paid for it.
I don't want to hear
that something can't be done.
I'm interested in what you're doing
so that it will be done!
You were right to get tough with him.
Does the chief engineer have any
questions? The director?
What were the reasons
for missing last month's
established quotas?
We were short on tank trucks.
- Why did that happen?
- Because none were empty.
- What measures have been taken?
- We even called the minister.
Sergey Stepanovich, you will
personally look into this.
We have to determine a schedule
reducing future loading tie-ups.
The meeting is adjourned.
Could you tell everybody that this
afternoon meeting is being cancelled.
I'll have to be at the City Hall.
At last the municipality is taking
an interest in what we're doing.
We're holding on on sheer enthusiasm.
It's time the government thought
about solving this problem.
Do you know how many people
are suffering from loneliness?
Look at the numbers and you can see
how alarming it is!
In Moscow alone,
it's alarming!
Loneliness is the danger
facing us.
The birthrate goes down,
alcoholism's up!
From an economic point of view,
a single worker is inefficient.
He can't concentrate,
he's obsessed by his loneliness.
- I think it's open to discussion.
- All right. Let's discuss it.
The club was founded
only three years ago.
Is it a success? Have many lost souls
found one another thanks to you?
Yes, indeed! For this period
we married twelve couples.
Though marriage is not
our priority.
Don't think of us as a marriage
broker. We're a friendship club.
Today, lonely souls don't know
how to meet one another.
People just watch television
and don't even know who lives next door.
Among those who got married,
two were living
in the very same apartment
They wouldn't have met one another,
it was only because of our club.
And that's what you call
I came to enroll in the club.
I'm sorry, but our enrollment for
unmarried women is closed.
We'll start recruiting women
at the beginning of next year.
But you're still accepting men?
Yes, single men can join up.
Why, isn't it unfair?
We already have two single women
for every single man.
Couldn't you make an exception?
Listen, call me at the beginning
of next year.
I see. Goodbye. Don't call us,
we'll call you.
You can see what's going on.
You at the municipality do
Москва слезам не верит Москва слезам не верит

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