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Москва слезам не верит

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clinic there.
They're supposed to take care
of the health of their workers.
Anyway, we have the finest
medical care in the world.
I'm going to be late at the studio.
Come on, stop crying.
Everything will work out.
I'll keep in touch, all right?
I'll be going now.
May I come in?
So this is where Professor
Tikhomirov's daughter lives?
- How are you?
- I'm fine, thank you.
- May I sit down?
- Please do.
I had a long serious conversation
with Rudy.
He never really loved you.
He was only infatuated.
He was very disappointed
by your schemes
with professorial apartments.
I came to ask you
to stop calling us.
We've had enough of your
I never called you.
You must have asked one of your
friends to phone for you.
I never asked my friends to, either.
All right, I've been calling you up!
And I'm also going to write
to your son's boss.
He should me made to do his duty!
Oh, you must be the specialist
in psychiatry
who earns her living working
in a bakery?
- Yes, I do. So what?
- Then stay in your bakery.
And in your dormitory.
I had lived in a communal
apartment, too.
- Times have changed.
- Some things never change.
There are already four of us
in two rooms,
and now you want to move in,
you and your child.
I never wanted that!
I will never ask you for anything,
I promise!
That's the only thing I can do
for you. Here...
Thanks. I can earn my living.
As you wish.
Why should you raise your child
on your own?
There won't be any child.
Don't just stand there, young father.
Come and kiss your daughter.
What are you waiting for? Go on!
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
You should take the baby
to the country this summer.
You should've asked someone else
to pretend to be the father.
Soon Tonia's going in here.
They'll think I have a harem.
Don't worry about that for now.
Let's celebrate the birth of this one!
Oh, she's so lovely!
Look at the little darling!
She looks just like you.
Especially her eyes and nose.
What are you going to name her?
Alexandra, after my father.
Come to the table, everybody!
The food's ready.
Katia, put your girl to sleep
and let's eat.
She's fast asleep already. Come on.
Did you see the TV set?
- What's that?
- My parents sent it over.
You'll be in this room,
you and your baby.
We're not going to wait
for Seryozha.
What do you mean, let's not wait
for Seryozha?
You got it after all!
The store manager went to the
warehouse himself. He's a hockey fan.
In six months you can pass it over
to Tonia.
- And then it'll be Ludmilla's turn.
- No, we're in no rush.
I haven't seen the baby yet.
Oh, but she looks like you!
The spitting image of you!
It's amazing the way she looks
like her mother!
- No, no, I'm not allowed to.
- You have to drink to the baby.
But I'm in training. And you know
that I've never liked the stuff.
Just this once. It's for the baby.
All right, I give up.
I'm tired of fighting you.
To Alexandra...
What's her patronymic?
To the newest Muscovite in town!
To Alexandra Tikhomirova!
End of Part OneAlexandra! Time to get up!
- When will you be back?
- I'm working late today.
- May I invite my girlfriends over?
- And your boyfriends too.
I know. The meat's in the freezer.
There's canned soup in the closet,
and applesauce for dessert.
- I'll wash the dishes.
- Good girl. Goodbye.
Smoking again before breakfast?
I told you not to do that.
Sit down and eat.
Take some bread. Don't rush.
Liuda, I promise you,
it's the last time.
I'll pay you back when I receive my
check. Please, another 5 rubles...
Do you want me to wipe your nose
You don't believe me?
I can show you my bank book.
Where do you expect me to get money?
It doesn't grow on trees.
D'you think I like coming here?
It's because of my condition.
Your condition is called hangover.
It's no problem for me
to give up drinking!
I've been invited to be a coach
next year.
I'm going
Москва слезам не верит Москва слезам не верит

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