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Москва слезам не верит

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our country place
on Sunday.
Why don't you say something?
- I'm not sure if I should.
- Why not?
Can't you see she's scared?
- Scared of what?
- Just scared.
In that case, why don't you ask
your roommates to come with you?
The fresh air will do them some
Sviridova, when are you going
to pay your union dues?
Do you know how much you
owe us?
Look, why don't you leave her
Stop playing the tough guy.
Sviridova, stop wrecking my
nervous system.
Do I have to get down on my knees?
Oh, I'm really beat today.
- Liuda, are you coming?
- In a second.
- Ludmilla, aren't you ready yet?
- Ready.
Isn't she just beautiful?
- Ludmilla, where are you going?
- I'm in a hurry.
Where's she off to?
She never goes with us.
- What are you reading?
- A book.
- Is it interesting?
- Very.
What's the title of it?
"The Three Comrades". Never
heard of it.
Really? Everyone in Moscow's
reading it.
- You're not a Muscovite, huh?
- I am, almost.
Hello! Women's dormitory.
For whom? Ludmilla?
Who? Rudolph?
From the television, of course,
I remember.
Oh, that's just grandma kidding.
We've got houseguests from Riga,
so she's calling our apartment
a dormitory.
No, we're spending the weekend
in the country.
- What road we're taking?
- The first we find.
I wouldn't know that.
Our chauffeur takes us there.
I really have to run now,
my dad is waiting.
You're such a liar!
Stop teaching me how to live
my life.
You know, you're quite a catch.
A car, a place in the country...
If I had gotten to you first...
You're not my type.
As for the place in the country,
it's not much more than a cabin.
Oh yeah? That doesn't suit us.
Turn around!
Stop frightening her.
Can't you see how worried she is?
There's nothing to be scared of.
You don't have to marry him at all.
Why talk about marriage?
You're just guests for the weekend.
Come on.
My parents.
And Katerina. This is Tossia.
How are you?
In '33 she came
to our factory.
And she had only one suitcase,
that was all.
Mother, please, don't butt in.
I'm barely making
850 rubles now.
We'll help you get by.
In two months
I'll be at the sixth level.
Out of the way!
This is the black currant bush
I planted last year.
These are strawberries,
over there, gooseberries.
Here we'll have an apple tree.
Why don't you grow cabbages
over there, to have it all year round?
You're right, we'll do it.
- This is great...
- What's so great?
I take one look at all this
and it depresses me.
I'd kill myself rather
than live here.
Everything's decided in advance.
You save up to buy a TV set,
after that it's a washing machine,
then a refrigerator.
You've got a twenty-year plan
like the government.
- What's so bad about it?
- What's good living like that?
Don't you understand that
we live in Moscow?
And Moscow's one big lottery,
you can hit the jackpot.
Moscow is full of diplomats,
artists, actors and poets.
Practically they're all men.
And we're women.
What do they need us for?
They have their own women.
But we're no worse than the others.
Where can we find those artists?
That's the point.
We have to find them.
Leave it to me.
Galia, get up! You told me
to wake you up at nine.
Girls, strip your beds today!
- What happened to the hot water?
- They turned it off.
Still sleeping? You're going
to sleep your life away.
It's Sunday. Why are you
bothering me so early?
- Where's Antonina?
- Went to the country with Kolia.
She's got bogged down in the
bourgeois mire. Where're you going?
I'm going to visit some relatives.
They sent me a card.
What relatives?
- Uncle Lyosha.
- Who's that?
He's a professor.
He's my mother's cousin.
I stayed at their place for a week
when I first came to Moscow.
Oh yeah, I remember now.
- Where are you going after that?
- To the Tretiakov Gallery.
After all I taught you about how
to get a man and you go there.
The only kind of men you're
going to find there are
Москва слезам не верит Москва слезам не верит

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