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Москва слезам не верит

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coming all the way from a common
worker to a factory director.
- Who's the director?
- Let's have a drink...
What d'you mean? Katerina, of course.
Oh yes, sure...
How long have you been working
at television?
It will be twenty-five years soon.
So you were at the very beginning?
Even then I knew
that television was
the future of mankind.
- I wanted to explain...
- I understand...
It would change our life.
There will be no books, no newspapers,
no theatre, no movies.
- What will remain?
- Only television.
- That's some misunderstanding.
- I understand.
I can agree about the movies.
But theatre...
This is a special art.
Let's talk about it
in another twenty years.
In twenty years the world will be
nothing like today.
- Have you ever visited the studios?
- No, never.
I can arrange it if you want.
I think I'll go now.
I'm pretty tired. I think
I'll get to bed early.
Don't go. I want to talk to you.
We'll talk tomorrow.
I better go.
I won't let you leave here!
She's in a very bad mood today.
He won't ever come back.
I'll never see him again!
Damn you. Why did you have to do
this to me again?
What did I do now?
- Do you know who this man is?
- Rodion Rachkov.
- He's your father.
- My father's dead!
As you can see, he's very much alive
and pretty well.
Don't cry. You know
what Moscow thinks of tears.
We shouldn't be sitting around,
we should do something!
How long has it been
since he disappeared?
A week.
Why don't you swallow your pride
and go see him yourself?
Oh, what pride. I would go to
the ends of the earth...
We don't know where he lives.
Look in the phone book, that's all.
What was his last name again?
I don't know.
A good start.
You didn't... Is anything gone
from the apartment?
What do you mean?
All right, I'll find him.
A tool and die maker, you say?
Yeah, he works in some sort of
Does he have any particular marks
I can look for?
A scar, for instance?
Not that I know of.
They took out his appendix.
That's not what I meant.
Wait for me here.
Let everyone in and no one out.
If need be, shoot first
and ask questions afterwards!
Is there a Georgy living here?
Alias Goga, alias Gosha,
or Yuri or Jora?
There's only a man named Georgy
living here. Right in there.
- Is he in there?
- I don't know.
He's there all right.
You'll have to go around.
They're redoing the walls.
To the right. And to the right again.
- Gosha.
- Nikolai.
Has it been raining hard?
For three days now.
What's going on in the world?
Another airplane was hijacked.
What's wrong with you?
Katia, you don't know how lucky
you really are!
You often said that at our age
it's impossible to fall in love.
Because a man's faults come out.
Yes, but he doesn't have any faults.
He's the most perfect man
in the whole world!
How did you expect her to tell you
that she made more money than you?
She lied to me!
That was just a misunderstanding.
No, that's the matter of principle.
Her big problem is
that a man's social standing
is more important for her
than his, that is, my personal
Translate it.
- Look...
- Some more vodka?
Go and see who it is.
I told you that I'd bring him here.
And that's what I've done.
Who brought who over here
isn't very sure.
- Where is she?
- In there.
Eat some more.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Gosha.
- I'm Antonina.
Sit down, please.
It's about time we were going...
I propose that we all get together
at least once a week.
From now on it's like
we're in the same family.
That's an original way
of putting it.
- Have you got dinner ready?
- Sure.
Let's eat.
I'm very hungry.
What's wrong?
It's been such a long time!
Eight days.
No. I looked for you a long time!
Not everything works out right away,
And Moscow was built not in one day.
It never took your word for it,
It only believed in love.
Whether covered with soft snow,
Or glistening in autumn glow,
It will warm a
Москва слезам не верит Москва слезам не верит

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