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Москва слезам не верит

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without anyone ever noticing
that they have gone.
But when Gosha was out last year
and hospitalized,
I beg your pardon, ladies,
for getting rather personal,
only they removed his appendix,
well, then half of the lab
stopped dead.
As for me, if I received a doctorate,
at least 70 percent of it comes
from the apparatus that Gosha
And I'm sure
that my opinion is shared
by the majority of my fellow workers
at our scientific institute.
To your hands, my dear friend!
- Happy birthday, Gosha!
- To your hands of gold!
Well, did you like my toast?
Have you got a Ph.D.?
Isn't it obvious?
- What is the world up to?
- It's winter again.
- Winter, you think?
- Yes, it's winter, I reckon.
Your cozy, drowsy homes
me beckon
To come and forever in there
- Then what's to happen?
- Then January comes.
- January, you believe?
- Yes, I believe so.
I have been reading that white book
since I began to grow,
This time-old primer
with pictures of snow-covered stumps.
- What'll be the outcome?
- April will dawn.
- April, you sure?
- Yes, I am sure.
I definitely heard,
and it wasn't some allure,
the sound of a reed-pipe
on the neighborhood lawn.
What's the conclusion?
That we go on living
And make summer dresses
from gauzy cotton.
You think there'll be chance
for us to put them on?
Just make them,
that's what I believe in!
We should be prepared,
for however strong may be the blizzards
Their bondage is bound
to come to an end...
I feel bad about your birthday.
We owe you a present.
You've got a lot of time
before December comes along.
My birthday is the 23rd of December.
- And what was today?
- It was an exhibition.
I was a total stranger to you,
wasn't I?
Not any more because my friends
told you everything.
What about all these scientists
and Ph.D.'s?
All the rest was real, the friends,
the scientists, the shashlik.
I'm what they said I'm.
Although they put it on a little
thick, exaggerated.
Well, we'll find out in a couple
of years.
That's good. I was afraid that
what they said would give you
an inferiority complex.
I felt something like that.
Though, I do think that in a family
the man should be superior.
When the woman has a larger salary
or a position of superiority,
the marriage can't work.
- Are you serious?
- Absolutely.
I've seen enough of this already.
How much are you making?
Don't worry, I earn much more
than your mother does.
We should be prepared, for
however strong may be the blizzards,
Their bondage is bound
to come to an end!
So allow me, Miss,
to offer my hand
For a dance at this
New Year Ball of the Wizards.
The moon is a sphere
with a candle inside,
The carnival figures
around us bend.
A waltz has begun,
so give me your hand
And go left-right,
left-right, left-right!
Andrei, how's this?
- Is it all right?
- It's fine.
Don't worry, our director
is always on time.
- How do you do?
- How do you do?
I'll be ready in two minutes.
We can start when you want to.
Excuse me, but haven't we met before?
Have I ever filmed you here?
No, I think you're wrong.
Have you ever spent
your vacations at Sochi?
Most people have spent a vacation
at Sochi sometime.
I forgot to introduce myself.
My name is Rodion Rachkov.
It's a name you hardly hear
in Russia these days.
Yes, when I was young,
foreign names were more common.
Edward, Robert, Rudolph...
The French delegation just called.
They'll be here in half an hour.
Thank you.
Have I changed all that much?
No. It's just I'm surprised...
So many years have passed...
I never thought you'd become
a director.
I've only been a director
for three months.
Shall we begin?
I'm really very busy.
All right, sure.
We're ready to go here.
Go ahead, please.
Good afternoon, ladies and
The men in the audience are free
to do whatever they want to.
Our products are primarily
of interest to women.
When I think of what
I might've
Москва слезам не верит Москва слезам не верит

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