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Московская элегия

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A scene from
Marlen Khutsiev's...
llyich Gates,
Great! Where from?
Mйtropole restaurant,
''Potatoes а la russe''.
- Take off your coat.
- l've 3 more visits!
l can't even work.
- You mustn't.
Potatoes onto the table!
You keep silent
all the time.
l know almost no one
lt's better. One's own
company is so dull.
No strangers here!
- How are you? - So-so.
Where have you been?
- Couldn't you ask
something else? About what?
That's quite enough.
Let's have a toast: To what?
- To potatoes.
- Maybe to turnips?
- l prefer to potatoes.
- Perhaps better in verse:
For sure, love
is no potato...
A fierce toast.
A skilled orator's fist
would make a hole.
l don't see
what you mean.
l do. At a guess.
At yours?
Without details,
explanations and assertions,
l'd sum up your diverse ideas
about potatoes as
''petty patriotism.''
- What?
lt can't be taken
Perhaps it can't.
Then, what can?
What can be
taken seriously?
Now don't you give us
that civic nonsense.
Don't play the fool.
l can also talk like that.
We all can.
What next? Do you have things
to speak about seriously?
Can you give me
an answer?
lf there's nothing
to speak about seriously,
life's not worth living.
ls it?
- lt's a provocation.
- l'll reply.
l take the Revolution
The lnternational.
The repressions of 1 93 7.
The war. The soldiers.
The fact that almost all of us
have no fathers.
And the potatoes that helped us
to survive the famine,
- But what about turnips?
- What? - You said nothing
about turnips.
Here, in these two
small rooms,
they lived many years,
all three together:
Maria lvanovna, Andrei,
and Marina.
Friends and relatives
referring to that time, say
''they lived on Shchepok'';
flat number 2.
Somewhere stood
Andrei's bed,
and their mother's.
lt was
warm and cosy,
not like now.
The two
lower windows...
...belong to their room,
to their little flat.
Shortly before leaving,
Andrei Tarkovsky came here.
This photo
was taken at that time.
A photo at the door
of his home...
This is how he looked
when they moved in.
A photo of him
at the VGlK Film lnstitute.
While living here,
Andrei graduated from school,
entered one college,
left it,
went on a geological
On his father's advice,
he applied...
to Romm's workshop,
and in 1 954
he entered
the Film lnstitute.
He continued to live here
until his marriage.
This district is called
There were once many
such houses in Moscow.
This staircase led
to the second floor.
Many people
lived here.
Behind a door
we discovered
this old washstand.
Your positions!
Let's get into position.
To deserve
God's love,
a sacrifice must be
offered to Him.
Abraham was going
to kill his son,
but an angel
stopped him.
Beginning to work
on a new film,
Tarkovsky was not to know
that the title of this film,
The Sacrifice,
was an ominous
of his own fate.
Though one can hardly
believe it,
at that time Andrei Tarkovsky
was already seriously ill.
Once more.
Eh... What is his name?
To the right.
Sven, listen
to what l say.
l want to form a small group,
like a small clot,
...so that they all overlap.
- Good.
There's one more thing.
One more thing.
When we arrive at the last
position for Susan...
each time l see...
The wrong position.
Mark the place, please.
l want the car to catch fire
So better keep
to the right.
A bit to the right.
- Yes, l will.
Better composition, too.
The car will
burn there, Sven.
The last position
with Gudrun.
Along with them.
ln autumn 1 985,
while editing
The Sacrifice,
Tarkovsky went
to the doctor:
chest pain.
''Put your affairs
in order.''
the doctor said
to his patient.
Tarkovsky returned
to ltaly
and told his wife he wouldn't
take any treatment,
that he had come
to die.
But soon, with
Larisa Pavlovna's insistence,
he was
Московская элегия Московская элегия

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