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wanted to ask you.
When Sosnovsky
came back to Russia,
was he successful?
Was he happy?
He began to drink,
- Did he commit suicide?
- He did.
March 7, 1 982
was the last day
at home
for Andrei Tarkovsky.
The Rome check-in
was announced.
These are
his passport photos.
Customs and passport control
That's that.
Here he looked back.
Everyone does.
He was greeting his friends
for the last time.
lf only it were his most devoted
and faithful friends,
those who accepted him
as he was.
And no one knew
what lay ahead.
March 1 982.
Mum! There's a cuckoo...
Tarkovsky asked
the Party officials many times
to find a solution,
as, with such little
filming allowed,
it was impossible to
feed his family.
lf they saw no way
to give him more work at home,
they would have to
extend his stays abroad.
No reply came.
Many of his colleagues
at home
were envious
of his talent.
They envied even
his dubious situation.
Each goes
his own way.
A genius one way
and the others
ln July 1 984,
having no reply
from Moscow,
Andrei Tarkovsky
held a special
press conference
to announce that he would
continue his work in the West.
Andrei Tarkovsky's mother,
Maria Vishnyakova,
died in October 1 97 9.
She lies here.
Vostryakovo Cemetery,
Gotland, in March.
ln Sweden, on the island
of Gotland,
the set construction began
for his film
that was to be called
The Sacrifice.
On the island, the wind blows
in all directions.
Stockholm, in April.
ln a Stockholm studio,
the main set was being built:
a neat and comfortable
European house.
You call it a cloud.
lt'll not be here in time.
We have no time. Anyway,
the cloud isn't even here.
Where's it? The sun has
come out already.
lt will be covered today,
but it won't be enough.
That, that, that!
ln that part!
The 1 st Mosfilm Lane.
Here Tarkovsky and his
second wife, Larisa Pavlovna,
came to stay
in 1 97 5.
Let's go
to the 1 3th floor.
Filmed in 1 987.
Only a few
An open space.
This room was their study
and bedroom.
ln the photo, you see
the son
born of his second marriage,
Andrei was born
in 1 97 0.
Now he lives in Paris.
So, the 1 st Mosfilm Lane,
1 3th floor.
So, listen to me.
Listen, guys.
The actors,
the film crew
revered him deeply.
They liked him being
active and sociable.
They knew whom
they were working with
and valued
every minute
and tried to capture
everything possible.
The making of
The Sacrifice...
Gotland lsland.
There should be
a strange pause.
What do you think,
OK then.
l say it for you.
Point with your finger.
As if he were dumb.
This was because
you told us that like that.
Once more:
when we'll be there...
...filming Gudrun, when they'll
be trailing him there...
How that, who will?
Susan and Sven will.
Remember his look,
the way he talks.
Soon we'll show you
an excerpt...
...filmed 20 years ago.
Then Tarkovsky...
...held a somewhat
different role.
An island.
An open space.
The never-ending wind
When he was a kid,
he had weak lungs.
You mustn't let them
catch you.
You can shuffle
like that.
- They keep trying.
- All right.
- Sven is there all the time.
- Yes, of course.
lt's important to run
after him in a compact group.
You mustn't disengage
from each other.
...we haven't enough time
to get there.
Parents exist
to borrow money from.
- They give it to you?
- No.
- Perhaps...
- Do you have children?
We have no nurse,
we look after our son.
lt's like guard duty.
lf three are born at once,
they give you a flat.
A good chance
to get rid of neighbours.
You never know
how many children you'll get.
Here's a man who
could have a huge family.
You're wrong.
l am that man.
- Why, l have my flat.
- ls Dolgoruky's coming?
- Who?
- Yuri Dolgoruky.
- From where?
- From there. Straight here.
l don't drink.
l'm fine without.
- Hello, darling potato!
Московская элегия Московская элегия

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