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every tree in their orchard,
and made an enormous hole in the night
right in the middle of their best lawn.
The bears said: "Well we're blowed!
Old Bliss has got the best of it
after all", and they left it at that.
But the Dorkinses sent in a bill again,
and while they were about it they added
on a charge for the bears' cabbages.
But Mr. Bliss had got no money at
the moment, and he was getting
rather tired of the Dorkinses,
so sent the fourpence in
stamps, and a bill of his own.
That's the bill.
When Dorkinses get this bill, they was very
angry, and stop all relations with Mr. Bliss.
But Mr. Bliss is quite happy, though the village
children are always trespassing in his garden,
to catch a glimpse of the Girabbit.
He drives a little donkey
cart now, not a motor,
and Sergeant Boffin salutes him
every time he appears in the village.
And that is the end of the story - except
that Mr. Bliss threw the green hat away
and the Girabbit found it on the dustheap.
And that is all.


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