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No, I'll give you a lift home
I've got plenty of time, I've asked
for a leave without pay
- Where did you live all this time?
- At some friends from the depot
- Listen, where does that cat work?
- What cat?
The one that didn't
come to the Bolshoi.
She is a stewardess
on international flights.
What do you want?
If a woman every day sees
an actor, an academician,
a cosmonaut, can
touch Ishtojan just like this,
and who are you?
- Stop here, please
- What's wrong?
I won't go
- Thanks for everything, Rubik-dzhan
- We'll see each other later?
I think so.
You are 35 already, we don't
take anybody after 35
- My birthday was three days ago.
- You should have come three days before
- I couldn't, I was in jail.
- Where?
In Butyrka, second floor, room 8
- You know what's happened...
- I do. Go to the cashier and get a ticket
- Guys, do you want to buy
a watch? 5 roubles. - Got one.
- 3 roubles.
- Let me have a look.
- Is it shock resistant?
- Shock and magnetic resistant.
Why isn't it written so?
They are, don't worry.
Look here, see?
Want it?
Let me have a look.
- It stopped.
- What? - Here
Yes, now it stopped.
- How much is coffee? - 11
- What about tea? - 6
I want tea.
- Keep the change.
- I don't need it.
You shouldn't smoke here.
- You are not local?
- No
- What's your surname?
- What's it for you?
- Mizandari?
- Mizandari
Don't stare, you don't know me.
- Your father was killed at the war?
- Yes
We were there together
Volohov Ivan Sergeevich
- Vano... Head about me?
- No
- Where are you going?
- Home
- What about you?
- To Volga, fishing with friends.
Let's go together.
I can't.
Uncle Vano, may I borrow
37 roubles from you?
- I'll return it in three days
- What's happened?
Go. Just a minute.
Hello. Excuse me.
- Where?
- There
Lena, tea for two please.
- Who's that? - Volohov
- That very Volohov? - Yes
- Let Mizandari in.
- Please
Let me introduce you.
- Would you recognize him?
- A look-alike
Looking at him, drinking tea
just like Vaso himself.
- Just like him, only older
- Kote
- What Kote?
- My father was Kote.
No, you father was called Vaso,
Vassilij, understand?
- Konstantin.
- Son, don't get me confused
Your father and I spent
three years in one tank
He was in infantry...
Young man!
Oh! Mr. Zarbazan!
Captain, if our plane falls into
the ocean will it sink
or will it float
on the water surface?
Katjusha, please attend to
the old lady in the second row
- What's wrong?
- I think she wants water.
- Turn 90, up to 12,000
- Yes, turn 90, up to 12,000
- Friend, what town is this? Telavi?
- Yes
- How can I get to the aerodrome?
- Turn right. - Thanks.
Why airport?
We should drive straight
- I want an address. He worked there.
- Who? - A Georgian, a friend I know.
I'll write to him: Hello, Valik-dzhan.
He'll say: Wow! How did you find me?
He'll be pleased.
When he is pleased, I will feel
I'm pleased as well.
- And you say straight.
- I need to get to Ordzhonikidze.
You know, I'll tell you one clever
thing, but don't get offended.
When I feel pleased, I'll drive
so well that you will be pleased too.
- Andrjusha, want to go to the city?
- No
- We could walk around, have a look.
- I've seen it all.
Valentin Konstantinovich,
take a taxi, say "Europe, centre".
Getting back, say "Airport".
- Is taxi expensive?
- No, it's not far.
- How much is a telescope?
- It depends.
A good one, with good lenses,
I want to get one for a nephew.
Good ones are always expensive
I want... Caucasus. Dilizhan.
- Who's that? - Isaak
- Where is Anzor? - I don't know
Isaak, write down
the phone 5-5-20.
Tell Kukush to call Dilizhan
and tell Hachikian,
that Valiko bought a crocodile
for him at an international flight.
- What Kukush?
- Is this a shop?
- Where are you calling?
- What do you mean where? Telavi.
This is Tel-Aviv!
Anzor, is that you? Stop kidding.
It costs money,

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