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accused a good man there,
he's never touched him,
but that bad man
bought a certificate,
the solicitor is a little girl,
should be playing dolls,
what's happening, how could they
trust her with a mans life?
Let's go, you'll be a witness too.
Another one.
I can't. I'm the solicitor's father.
- And you?
- Her husband. She told us to leave.
Witness Hachikian, do I have to
chase you all over Moscow?
You said all witnesses
to leave, I left.
Why chasing?
I'm standing here.
Everybody can see.
Listen, friend, you have good eyes,
I can see you are a good man. Help.
Come with me.
- Sorry, friend.
- Go.
Come in five years!
- I'll help.
- You will.
- Where do you work?
- Depot No 2, Im a driver.
- What can you tell us?
- I can tell you everything.
The victim opened the door and
the defendant said "Hello, dear friend"
The victim said, "sorry,
want to go to the toilet",
then she went outside
and shouted "police, police"
And I said, "Valik-dzhan, let's go home".
So you say that the defendant
did not attack the victim?
Of course not, he went to the toilet
and he couldn't break the door.
He tried to break the door?
Why break?
Listen, my Russian
is not very good.
He knocked at the door
and said he wants to go too.
You ask such questions...
- Did the defendant break the chandelier?
- Yes, he did, why deny it.
When we were leaving he caught it
with a chair accidentally.
I have a question, may I?
Did the defendant feel personal
enmity towards the victim?
He did. He said, "such a big
personal enmity I feel to the victim",
"I can't even eat".
But the defendant states that
he did not know Papishvili.
Listen, how he could know? When he went
to the toilet, Valiko asked, "who was that?"
"Where did he go?
I see him for the first time."
You say the defendant
never met the victim,
why did he come there then?
- We were selling a tire.
His tires are bald, those Zhiguli...
What do they think about?
Messing around
under one's feet...
We've got Volga, not Zhiguli
Listen, did I interrupt you?
Wait. Don't interrupt either.
- Whose tire was that?
- Mine, I bought it for my neighbour.
Valiko didn't have any money,
I wanted to sell it to lend him.
Did he come to Moscow
without money?
Listen, who comes to Moscow without
money? He went to a restaurant,
this and that,
you know... Gone.
- No more questions.
- Sit down, witness.
- I have a question to the defendant.
- Go ahead.
Defendant, you seem
to be a normal person
Came to a flat, chased a man,
broke the furniture. There should
be some reason for that?
Valiko, what's "daddy"?
The actions of the defendant should
be qualified under the Act 206, part 2.
I ask the court for a sentence
of two years of jail.
Your turn,
Svetlana Georgievna
After an inquiry to the police department
of Telavi Ive got the answer:
- May I read it?
- Read on.
- Answer to your inquiry...
- Louder, please.
An fight between Papishvili and Mizandari
took place at a restaurant on 15.10.1967.
Mizandari chased Papishvili,
who tried to hide himself in a toilet,
he dipped his head into the toilet
3-4 times, after which was arrested.
Mr. Mizandari refused
to explain his actions.
However his sister,
E.K. Mizandari, said,
that in 1965 she worked at Depot No 2
as a subordinate of Papishvili.
He promised to marry her,
took advantage of her,
however he did not
honour his promise.
E.K. Mizandari left the depot.
She lives in the village of Tarklo,
where she works at a farm.
In 1966 she gave birth to a son Varlaam.
It's not my child.
There is something else.
Concerning the price of the chandelier,
I've got an expert opinion.
It is not Venetian, but made in Voronezh,
and it's recommended
price is 37 roubles 46 kopeks.
I didn't know, Nugzar,
I swear on my honour!
So what?
50 roubles fine and a compensation!
- Rubik-dzhan, are you passing
the Red Bridge in Tbilisi? - Yes
- I'll get off there

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