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41, it's me.
- Got that? Over.
- Got it.
If you chain a big plane and your
helicopter together, which one would win?
The chain.
Look, she's gotten changed already.
- You should say hello
- Hello
When you're not here, she doesn't play.
She's a good girl, Lali.
In Europe nobody plays pianos any more.
They play electricity now.
You can't play electricity,
you'd get electrocuted.
- Electrocuted?
- No, they wear rubber gloves.
In rubber gloves it'd
be all right. Got it?
Keep playing, Lali.
Valiko, Zarbazan is here.
Zarbazan, what took you so long?
- Can't you see, the pass is closed.
- And what if it opens?
The cow won't fit.
Sell it here.
Who's going to buy it here?
Here everyone knows it.
- Valiko, take this.
- No, I said!
It's not a plane,
it's a butterfly, damn it!
May you be eaten
by wolves! Let's go.
Boss, maybe this colour?
This one?
An official reprimand,
loss of bonuses and a ticket!
What are you looking at?
Go work!
- Write me a reference.
- What reference?
I want to return to big aviation.
Isn't it a bit late for you?
Think about it.
I have thought.
I'm sorry, Ivanych.
- How many years have you been
working for us? - Eight.
Boss, how about this colour?
Why are you coming in
without knocking?
Go out in the corridor and
wait until you're called in.
Then choose your own colour
and paint it yourself.
I'm leaving.
Aristofan, I was joking.
Do I have to chase everybody?
Grandpa, there's 450 roubles here.
250 for you, the rest for me.
As soon as I've gotten settled,
I'll send more.
Come here, son. If you meet him
anywhere, don't kill him, please.
You know what the times are like now.
They won't understand.
I'll bring you binoculars.
He won't be back.
Valiko! I don't want binoculars!
I don't want them!
Dad, there's a Georgian
here to see you.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Sinitsin.
- I know.
A letter for you from Auntie Nina.
- Please, sit down.
- Thanks, I'll stand on foot.
Tatiana, here's a fellow
needs a hotel room.
- Surname?
- Mizandari.
Is this the furniture shop?
May I speak to Jakov Borisovich?
Hello, this is Sinitsina.
We have an emergency.
Rodion's nephew just arrived.
He needs a hotel room.
I'll ask.
- Rodion, can you arrange two tickets
to the Swan Lake? - I doubt it.
He can. I'll remember. Mizandari.
Get over to the western side.
Find Voronin, the administrator for
the European Endocrinology Conference.
Tell him Jakov Borisovich sent you,
he'll fix everything.
- Thanks.
- You are welcome.
- Tania, do you know who Auntie Nina
from Tbilisi is? - No.
Neither do I.
Keep the change.
- Are you comrade Hachikian?
- No.
Here's an invitation to the banquet.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Excuse me.
- That's ok.
Hello, I want Larisa Ivanovna,
This is Valiko from Tbilisi.
- Are you Armenian?
- No, Georgian.
Sorry, I thought I was alone.
I was laughing so much back there.
Here's your place.
- Are you a pilot? - Sometimes.
Actually I'm an endocrinologist.
Here's an invitation
to the banquet for you.
Hello, I want Larisa Ivanovna,
With a spouse...
I'll tell you one thing, don't get offended.
People like in this hotel,
I've never seen before.
I'm just a driver. I get here,
they ask "what's your surname"?
I tell them: Hachikian.
They say: Hello, comrade Hachikian.
Very glad to meet you.
They took my stuff and brought it here.
You can stay here, they said.
Can you imagine?
- Can I make a phone call?
- Of course, go ahead.
And didn't ask for a kopek in return.
I want Larisa Ivanovna, please.
Hello, Larisa Ivanovna!
Listen, how I thought
I was alone...
This is Valiko,
the one who is Mimino.
Remember, you walked past in Tbilisi,
while I was loading up Dutch chickens?
What are you doing this evening?
Want to have dinner together?
Good. I'll be waiting for you at 7pm
in the foyer of the Hotel Rossia.
Let her bring a friend.
See you there.
Listen, will you
let me talk or not?

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