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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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- And what about me?
l arrested him so that
he calmed down.
And kept him without any
interrogations for 5 days.
Meanwhile l got his mistress talking.
She bought a house.
But where did she get the money?
She tried to lie
but soon she confessed.
Her lover gave her
30 thousand rubles.
Any news?
Here is the search report.
And here are the interrogation notes.
Anything interesting?
Nothing special.
His wife said that...
...he came home at 18:00.
And the landlady?
The landlady said that last time
she saw him in the morning.
And it was quiet in their room
in the evening.
That's all. He went to the station in the
morning. And she didn't see him anymore.
- So he wasn't there.
- And what about his wife?
You are so naive. ls there any wife who
wouldn't make an alibi for her husband?
- And what else ''nothing special''
did you find? - Here it is. All right.
- l don't get it.
- What don't you get?
How could an educated man,
an intellectual,
...and a doctor kill his wife?
Well, an ex-wife.
Why? For some
lousy apartment?
Not out of jealousy or malice,
but for an apartment.
Vanya, have a look, if this writer
has finished his book.
Listen, l can't understand it.
All Larisa's valuables are gone.
- The jewelry...
- So what?
What? lt does not make any sense.
Sharapov, there are no
unprecedented crimes.
Somewhere something like that
has already happened to somebody.
That's the basis of our work.
The similarity of the circumstances.
The same motives.
The same tricks.
Here you are. lt all happened...
...not once or twice.
A man catches his wife with a lover.
He goes out of his mind, his heart
jumps out. Bang, bang - 2 corpses.
Then he calms down and runs here
to make a confession: ''Well, people,
...arrest me. l killed my own wife.''
And sometimes it's just
the other way round.
A man thinks it all over. He knows what
to do, the way to avert the suspicion...
...or to direct it to somebody else,
which is much worse.
He prepares everything, kills a man
in cold blood and hides away.
''l don't know a thing
and l can't help you, people.''
''But you, dear investigators,
do your best...
...And find the murderer of my dear
and the love of my life.''
So he took the staff away
to feign a robbery.
Good thinking, Sharapov.
Maybe he doesn't need these things.
But he wants to mislead us.
And maybe he needs them.
You know, l thought about it
when they found the gun.
Some other man would get rid of it...
...lt's evidence.
But he hid it away.
So he is anxious about things,
he takes care of them.
Besides that, Nadya said...
...Larisa wore a ring of a great value
on her finger.
She inherited it from her granny.
Here it is.
- lt's not much you have written.
- l've got work to do.
- May l go?
- No!
OK, l see, citizen,
...that you don't want
to tell us the truth.
Pity. Everything happened
some other way.
You aggravate your fault
with all these lies.
Dare you not speak to me this way!
l am no thief!
l heard that you treat them
with undue familiarity here.
But l am a doctor! After all...
l am a MD.
- l will file a complaint!
- A complaint?!
Well l have already heard about it.
Many times.
As for the thief...
You are right. You are no thief.
You killed this woman.
Yes. l got it.
Got it.
Come on, guys.
A night guard from a warehouse called. He
went to warm himself to the street cleaner...
...opposite his warehouse. When
he came back, the lock was in place...
...but the light was
on inside the warehouse.
Well, he didn't come in, of course.
- He saw someone is inside, so
he called us. - The Black cat.
God knows. To the right here.
Turn off the lights.
Quiet. Get ready with your guns.
Vanya, do you remember
about your money?
- What money?
- Well, if l learn once again...
...that you hide a 100 rubble banknote in
the barrel of your gun, you are in trouble.
Gleb Yegorovich, l can't hide
a thing from her.
She should
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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