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They said that the football game is over
and started playing some music.
Grisha, who played yesterday?
Red Army vs. ''Dynamo''. We won 3:1.
- They had to score the fourth one, but
the penalty kick... - Wait a minute.
The game started at 17:00. Two 45 min.
halves plus 15 minutes... Around 7 p.m.
- So you met Gruzdev around 7 o'clock,
right? - Yes, l think so.
Do you get it, Sharapov?
Nadya called Larisa at the same time
and she asked her sister...
...to call back because she's got something
important to discuss with some visitor.
Right. And who was that visitor
she talked to?
Comrade Gruzdev, try to remember
where you were at 7 p.m. yesterday?
- Yesterday at 7 p.m. l was at home.
- At home?
l mean, in Losinka.
You are just wasting your time with me.
And the investigators got informed that
yesterday at 7 p.m. you were here.
Stop it! The investigators...
You want to shut a person in
no matter who he is.
You shouldn't put it this way. The
neighbours saw you at 7 p.m. Why deny it?
They saw me at 4 p.m.
and not at 7 p.m.
Really? But before that you told me
that you came here 10 days ago.
- l didn't say it.
- What do you mean you didn't say it?
l said that l saw Larisa 10 days ago.
- And what about yesterday? - l didn't
see her yesterday. She was out.
Can they confirm in Losinka that you
were at home yesterday all day long?
- Of course.
- Who can?
Both my wife and my landlady
if you wish.
- Are they at home right now?
- l hope so. Where else can they be?
All right.
We should seal the apartment.
Finish your work.
Let me have a key, lvan Sergeyevich.
But l don't have it, of course.
Try to understand
that a decent man...
...would not keep keys from
the apartment of an estranged woman.
An estranged one, you get it?
And again you shouldn't say it
in such a way, lvan Sergeyevich.
You have to go with us
to 38, Petrovka street.
We need to clear it up.
This way, citizen!
Get a search warrant
in the prosecutor's office.
Then go to Losinka.
Turn his house upside down,
take anything we might use.
Especially his personal letters.
Ask the landlady and his wife
what he was busy doing yesterday.
Every minute, all the day long.
Then trot back. Got it?
All right. Come on.
Please come in.
Kolya! Come in, have a seat.
Sit at the table, please.
Sit down.
Please write down all the details...
...of your relationship
with Larisa Gruzdeva.
And give me your ideas
on her murder.
Well, l also want to know...
...about her friends -
the people you know.
Besides that, write down
what you were busy doing yesterday.
Every minute of every hour.
The relationship with Larisa
is my private life.
As for her new friends, spare me.
Find some other people
ready to inform you against her.
Look here! You are no informer.
You are a witness to the murder.
At least for now.
And you must give the information
the investigators need!
So write it down.
What shall l call this paper
and who shall l address it to?
Address it to the Chief
of Moscow Police.
lf he tells a lie, it would be
the general he deceives.
Hope, he'll be clever enough
not to do it.
- What would you say about Gruzdev?
- He did it. No doubt.
The evidence is obvious.
He is a nervous and weak guy.
Soon enough he'll break down...
...and make a confession.
l made tougher guys speak out.
l remember one fellow
feigned a robbery.
When we came to his place,
his wife was dead.
He was in the neigbouring room.
Tied and gagged.
The place was in a mess.
All the valuables were gone.
He started crying. ''l can't live
without her. l'll kill myself.''
- And then... Here you are.
- Thanks.
That's it.
- And then?
- Then?
Then l learnt that he's got a mistress.
l suspected him.
And so l told him right in his face: ''Why
did you kill your significant other?''
l wish you could see
what happened to him.
He sent complaints against me
to everybody. lncluding M.l. Kalinin.
- And what about
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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