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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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a minute.
Citizen Gruzdev, you live with another
woman. Would you give me her address?
l hope, you're not going to interrogate
her. She's got nothing to do...
We'll see. Sharapov, write it down.
Will you dictate it?
Losinka, Bebel street, 12.
But please don't tell our landlady.
We want to stay there.
- You must consider it.
- l can't promise you a thing now.
- Excuse me...
- We began the investigation. Zheglov!
OK, l am leaving. When you finish here,
come to my office.
Excuse me, l'm no expert,
but it seems to me that...
...you are paying too much attention to
my humble self. And the work has stopped.
Why you? We investigate
the murder the way we should.
You try to take me in?
You are suspecting me.
Did she smoke or did she not? ls it my gun?
Now you will take the cigarette-butts.
Don't you worry so much,
comrade Gruzdev.
We understand you and even feel sorry for
you. But you should also understand us.
We don't work for pleasure.
We'll check everything out.
Sharapov, come on, l'll give you
some instructions.
Don't get angry, lvan Sergeyevich.
You'd better help our man to check,
if everything is in place.
OK, legal eagle! Enough for your
wise questions for now, got it?
You are Number 16 here. Shut up and
watch. Right? Shut up, l tell you.
You saw the cigarettes. Great.
l also did but l gave no sign of it.
And keep it in mind, my dearest.
- lnquiries cost dearly in our trade.
- And what...
You should ask questions at the proper
time, to shoot the bull's eye out, got it?
Well, it's not that easy.
l'll explain it to you later.
And for now watch the others, take
good notes and follow me. Got it?
- Yes, sir, comrade Captain.
- That's good.
- And let's keep from any improvisation,
deal? - Yes, sir.
Grisha Ushivin got some handsome there.
Let's have a look, shall we?
All right, so l was coming back.
l entered the front door...
...and saw lvan Sergeyevich
going down the stairs.
So we met.
l saluted him and he told me:
''Hello, Fyodor''.
Comrades, why are crowding here?
Go to the stairwell,
Comrade, would you go to the kitchen
with us, if it's all right with you?
Well, l... No problem,
comrade commander, anywhere you want.
This way.
Have a seat, comrade.
- Have a seat, please.
- Thanks a lot.
- So when was it?
- Yesterday in the evening.
l just woke up after the night shift.
- Put the potatoes to boil..
- Comrade, we are from...
...the Gangsters Fighting Department. My
name is Zheglov. You must have heard it.
And l am Lipatnikov.
Fyodor Petrovich.
Comrade Lipatnikov, we should clear up
the question of an utmost importance.
l see, you are a conscientious man
that's why you should be very precise.
Here is my question:
...Fyodor Petrovich, are you sure?
Was it yesterday or
probably some days ago?
Why, no, comrade Zheglov.
l am a sober man,
...and not good-for-nothing
like the others.
As they say l never confuse
today and yesterday.
- lt was yesterday, l swear.
- All right. And when did you meet him?
l can't tell you that.
Excuse me l don't know.
And l don't need it. There is no clock
at my place. That one broke down...
- l can't find the time to fix it.
- Then how do you wake up to go to work?
l never miss it.
l have always gotten up with a lark.
Besides the radio is on.
l get up in time.
- lt will never let you miss the work.
- ls it on around the clock?
Yes, it doesn't bother me.
No one switches it off,
so it's constantly on.
l see.
Fyodor Petrovich,
...do you remember what was
on the radio when you met Gruzdev?
lt was a football game.
A broadcast from the ''Dynamo'' stadium.
So you and me are football fans.
Fyodor Petrovich, what half was it?
Sorry, l am not interested in football.
l just heard it over the radio.
Fyodor Petrovich, Grinin moving forward,
delivers a blow...
No, the football game
was already over.
- Are you sure it was over?
- Yes, l am.
- Well, absolutely sure?
- lt was over.
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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