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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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...bear no signs of breaking.
Well, Gleb Georgiyevich,
here is the bullet. Your opinion.
What would you say, scout?
lt's an ordinary bullet
from a handgun.
- l wish we found the case. - Finding
the handgun would be even better.
Right. So.
The bullet was shot
from a foreign handgun.
The caliber is 6,35. lt's ''Bayard''
or, maybe ''Omega''.
- What suggests so?
- The bullet does, Sergey lpatyevich.
6 vertical marks to the left.
Here they are.
- The feature is quite unique.
- And what would you say?
- Judging from the marks,
the case is Soviet-made. - ls it?
- Where did you find it? - To the left
of the body where it should be.
- The slide worked well.
- Yes, it's a domestic case.
Well, one more riddle to solve.
And still we must find the gun.
- Nadya, did they keep some weapons
at home? - l don't know.
There is a round table
in the center of the room...
...with a 0,75 l bottle of Azerbaijan
wine ''Kurdamir'' on it.
There are 2 glasses with the wine,
...a bar of chocolate
with a piece bitten off,
...a crystal ash-tray...
...with 3 ''Deli'' cigarette-butts with
the cigarette paper specifically squeezed.
The room is tidy, there are
no signs of any disorder.
The sister of the deceased declared that
all the belongings are at their places.
There are things l can't find.
She had a large yellow suitcase.
l can't find anywhere.
- And what about personal belongings?
- Some of them are also gone.
The seal-like fur-coat,
a red velvet dress.
- Write it down, Sharapov.
- Writing.
- A dark blue suit.
- Right.
And some jewelry is gone.
What jewelry did she have?
- A gold watch, earrings with turquoise,
and a snake. - What snake?
lt's a silver bracelet.
A snake with an emerald eye.
Right. A precious ring
she got from our granny.
- Did she wear it?
- Yes.
- Did the deceased wear a ring?
- No.
- Please, don't cry now.
- Gleb Georgiyevich, here they are.
Have a look.
- ''Bayard''! - That's right.
But all the cartridges are here.
That's OK. We'll keep on looking and
find something, right, Sergey lpatyevich?
And you, Sharapov, never give way
to despair. Quit this bad habit.
lvan is looking through the letters.
Go help him.
- These are personal letters.
- lt doesn't matter now.
They may give us a lead.
Read them all, Sharapov.
You'll summarize them for me later.
Citizen Gruzdev is here. Comrade
Lieutenant Colonel, may l come in?
You have already.
What is it?
Nadya, Nadya, Nadya!
My God, what a disaster!
lt's awful. Nadya, Nadya,
later, Nadya.
- Why are you looking at me in such a way?
- ln what way? l'm just looking.
No. You are looking at me
as if you suspect me.
Let's quit it, citizen.
And let's not get distracted.
Don't touch it!
Tell me when was the last time
you saw the victim?
Some 10 days ago.
- Where?
- Here.
We were about to exchange the apartment.
l got some new proposals.
We shall check it up.
lvan Sergeyevich,
do you suspect anyone?
One should have grounds for suspicion.
l've got none.
Probably, there is some person
we should check up?
What do you think?
Unfortunately, a lot of such people
have been at Larisa's side lately.
Nadya, l warned her.
This Melpomena life
would lead to no good.
You mean her company at the theater?
What about your living conditions?
Are they all right?
They are not, they are not!
But it has nothing to do with this case.
Who knows...
Have you got a gun?
- lt can't be... l didn't think about it.
- What didn't you think about?
ls it..?
l was awarded with a gun.
Did they shoot her with it?
- Did you find it?
- Show the place where you kept it.
- lt's gone.
- And when did you take it?
l didn't take it, believe me.
And do you recognize this thing?
Citizen Gruzdev,
does your wife smoke?
Or did she - to be more precise?
Did she smoke cigarettes?
No, she could not stand a smoke.
l always went to the kitchen.
- Then how would you explain...
- Wait
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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