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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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hardly see your sister.
And you just call her, right?
l called her yesterday. She had a tough
conversation with some visitor.
Do you think so?
- Or did she tell you about it?
- Yes she told me herself
that she's got a tough conversation
and asked me to call back.
When was it?
About 7 p.m. My shift ends at 7.
And who is her husband?
You see they got separated.
Really? Why?
- How can l put it?
- Just the way it really is.
- lvan Sergeyevich is a doctor.
- Right.
He didn't approve of Larochka's passion
for the theater.
For the theater.
You can't go in there.
Have a seat, please.
So, the passion for the theater.
What else?
You know, the theater life
is subject to specific laws.
- lt's hard for you to grasp it.
- Well, l'll try.
- The performances end late at night.
- Right.
She had late dinners, flowers.
- And admirers, right?
- Yes, probably.
But don't think
it is that serious.
Though lvan Sergeyevich
could not put up...
...with a most innocent flirt.
Did they get divorced?
- No, they didn't have time to do it.
- Why?
Larochka didn't want to rush it.
And lvan Sergeyevich
never insisted on it.
- Especially since...
- Especially since what?
lt's not my idle curiosity, Nadyusha.
l need to know all the circumstances to
capture the murderer as soon as possible.
l understand but l don't keep
anything back.
l know it.
- lvan Sergeyevich found
some other woman. - Right.
And Larochka didn't like it
though she no longer loved him.
- Gleb.
- Right.
Have a look. What
an interesting note.
Thank you.
Can we continue?
Do you suspect anybody?
My God, who can l possibly suspect?
Gruzdev lvan Sergeyevich,
for instance.
lf l got it right, Larisa
did not agree to divorce him...
...and he wanted to marry another woman?
- No, you are wrong.
lvan Sergeyevich is not capable
of such a thing.
He 's a good man.
Well, Nadya, l wish l could foresee
people's capabilities.
What about their relationship lately?
- Their relationship?
- Yes.
ls it possible when people are about
to get divorced?
- All right. So they hardly got along.
- No.
Though their relations
were far from ideal.
But Larisa told me that
intellectuals get divorced...
...in their own way.
- What does it mean?
- Their divorces are peaceful
and without any rows. - So what?
lvan Sergeyevich kept on...
...getting food for Larisa.
He gave her money,
...paid her rent.
- Does this apartment belong to him?
- Yes, it does.
- Right.
When they got separated,
...lvan Sergeyevich
thought it improper...
...for Larochka to move to my place.
And so he went to his
new wife, right?
They rent some room in Losinka.
So the newlyweds have got no apartment
of their own and they rent a room, right?
What did they plan to do next?
They wanted to exchange this apartment
for two communal flats.
Do you recognize this handwriting?
Lara, why don't you answer me? Make up
your mind, or l'll take care of it myself.
- lvan Sergeyevich wrote it.
- Do you know what he meant here?
l think it's about the exchange.
He found something but Larochka...
...was not satisfied. - She didn't
want to arrange the exchange herself.
- No, she wasn't that practical. - Does
he threaten her here? What would you say?
- No, why?
- Don't rush it. Think it over.
You know what.
Come in the room and
have a look around.
Probably something has disappeared.
Or just the opposite.
Some new things have probably arrived.
Hi to the public prosecutor.
- Hello, Gleb Georgiyevich.
- Hello, Pavel Vladimirovich.
- Glad to see you, Sergey lpatyevich.
- Hi, Zheglov.
Well, let's proceed.
- Yes, it's high time.
- Let's start with it then.
Sharapov, write it down.
The room is examined in the daytime,
...the weather is dull,
the illumination is natural.
The room is rectangular, with
a bay window and 3 regular windows.
lts size is 6.70 by 3.50.
The entrance door, the windows
in the room and in the kitchen...
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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