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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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Where did you go, dog?
Where is he?
Karp, there's a door here.
He is behind it.
Vova! Vova!
Vova, open the door! Open up!
- l'll kill you!
- Volodya.
You, filthy dog.
Answer me. Where are you?
Where are you?
What are you doing?
Do you want to play
hide-and-seek with me?
- Volodya.
- Volodya, open the door.
Open up! You, dirty wolf!
l'll gnaw your Adam's apple out!
Press it, everybody!
Volodya, open up! Vova, Vova!
l'll nibble you.
Can you hear me, Volodya?
- Karp, we must go.
- l'll kill him first. Then we'll go.
Citizens gangsters! Attention!
You gang is entrapped.
Both exits are cut off.
l suggest you giving up.
Who is barking over there?
l'm not barking but talking to you,
pig! l am Captain Zheglov.
You must have heard about me.
So Captain Zheglov...
...suggests that you should surrender.
lt would be better.
- And if not?
- And if not?
Your gang is extremely dangerous.
That's why l've got an order from
my bosses not to take you alive.
Do you like this option?
And will you give us your little cop?
lf he asks for you,
we'll think about it.
You'll get a hole of a bagel
and not Sharapov.
He's far away already. He's not
within your reach anymore.
Go out one at a time.
Shameful wolves!
- l don't want it.
- OK, damn you!
- Meet us.
- Wolves.
- We surrender.
- You should go one by one,
...pause in front of the door,
throw away guns and knives.
We aim at the door, so no tricks!
A step to the right or to the left
is an attempt to escape.
We'll shoot without a warning! Go!
- The first one? Right?
- Drop the gun.
Drop it!
Get out! Get out!
On the black bench...
...in the dock...
...sat his daughter Nina
and some man.
And it happened on Tuesday.
Drop the gun! Throw the
knives on the snow!
The next one!
The next one!
Drop your weapons.
And now the Hunchback.
l said, the Hunchback!
The Hunchback, get out.
Throw the weapons on the snow.
The next one!
Drop your weapons!
Here you are.
Glad to see you.
Don't shoot!
Wait! Levchenko, wait!
- He'll escape.
- Wait, l'm telling you!
Don't shoot!
- Levchenko!
- He'll escape.
Levchenko, halt!
Halt, you fool!
- You killed a man.
- l killed a gangster.
He came with me to give up the gang.
Calm down, Sharapov.
Volodya, let me drive you home.
- OK.
- Good.
Bring me to the maternity hospital.
Remember it?
Will you stay there long?
Shall l wait for you?
l've got some time.
Let's go together.
- Hello. l'm from the Criminal Police.
- Hello.
- On August 18 we brought you
an infant... - Yes, l remember.
Today they took your foundling away.
- What does it mean?
- They came here and took him away.
Don't worry. They are
very good and kind people.
You know we pay special
attention to it.
Shall l give your his new address?
Место встречи изменить нельзя

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