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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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And l ran away
from the hospital.
l wanted to join you. l dreamt
of some manna from heaven.
l told them everything about myself
in the training regiment.
l had 3 convictions, fought a year
in the penal battalion and was listed...
...for penalty removal. And that
filthy bastard looked at me.
That dirty rear rat!
His fat mug was so red you could
light a cigarette from it.
There is no information about it
in your file, so, private Levchenko,
...you'll go to Penal Company 76...
...of the 307 infantry regiment.
And it hurt so much.
ls there no justice in the world?
l told him a couple of strong words.
He started yelling. Then we fought.
l was tried by a military tribunal
and got one more prison term.
ln June l escaped. Now l hang
about with these nits.
And where should l go?
Look, Levchenko, l'm not a superior
officer of yours any more.
But l'm asking you to go away!
lf everything is all right, l'll go
along the chain of command with you.
- l'll tell them how you fought in the war.
- And what about my deeds after the war?
Will you tell them about it?
No, it's all over with me.
And l didn't give you up...
...because we used to sleep
under the same trench-coat...
...and because you did not eat
your officer rations...
...without us and never
hid behind our backs.
That's why we'll be together
And then we'll see what happens.
- Levchenko.
- Sharapov.
There's nothing to talk about here.
That's OK. We'll find a way out.
Sharapov is a tough guy! Stop
worrying, Kolya, sit sown!
That's all right. Yes!
We've got a meeting.
lf Sharapov is alive,
he'll let us know.
- You are right. lf he's alive,
he'll do it. - Stop cackling.
There should be some way out. Let's
choose direction for further work.
What did Sharapov and you know
before the operation?
- Members of the gang?
- No.
- Their trend?
- No.
- The place of the operation?
- The place?
The place and the time of the
operation can not be changed.
Suppose, gangsters believed Sharapov
and decided to save Fox.
What will they do?
They will take him along.
And they'll use him as a human shield.
- You are dead, Gleb Yegorovich!
- l also shot you!
l see.
And what if we turn off the light?
We'll let them in and turn off the light!
The light? Let's try it!
When l am in the centre
under this arch...
...turn off the light.
- l got it.
OK. Let's try it.
Still l can see you in the doorway.
And how will he know about it?
- He's as smart as we are.
- Still you are dead, Gleb Yegorovich.
l saw it.
- And what is behind this door?
- Nothing.
- lt's a storeroom. Shall l open it?
- Please do.
- Who is fond of these pictures?
- We've got a girl who collects them.
l don't mind. Let them hang here.
No one bothers about it.
lf we could only give him a gun!
And some sign!
Get up, Sharapov, time to go!
Well, superior officer?
Shall we sprinkle
the snow with blood?
Nobody knows.
And now the latest news.
Soon a group of war criminals,
Hitler's accomplices...
...will appear before the court of the
nations - the international war tribunal.
Close associates of Hitler in the Nazi
party, leaders of the Nazi movement...
...will be brought to trial.
Will you go to sleep?
Sidorenko Vladimir lvanovich.
The deposit is 25 000 rubles.
This money will be enough for
a year for Lyola and me!
You'll have to live this year first.
Well, my fine fellows, time to go.
The snow will help us. lf they were
there, we'll see their tracks.
l believe we'll be lucky.
lt's a good thing. We are going
to save a friend.
Let's have a seat
before a hard journey.
That's it. Wait for us
and we'll do it.
Watch out for him, Karp.
Let's go.
What are you doing, demon?
Stop yelling. He's going with us.
- To the cellar. Let him take a look.
- Blotter.
Go to the food store
and have a look around.
Put away your hooves.
Go! What's up?
Give me a matchbox!
What is going on?
Hey, where are you?
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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