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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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right now, and tomorrow...
...if everything comes off,
you'll value it at nothing.
- Why so? - Because you will
want to take 5000 rubles...
...that l earned and to make me
out a cop and a bastard...
...and to clutch at my throat for it.
lf it all comes off tomorrow,
you'll kill me for this money.
And what if cops will get more luck?
They'll kill me with you there.
To Kislovodsk, right?
Old man! My dear!
What shall l do to make you
believe me?
Shall l cut myself or bring you
a paper from the cops...
...that l am not one of them?
He's so funny.
You know, Karp,
...you think it right.
This guy will do.
You advise your wife
to cook cabbage soup.
l haven't made up my mind yet.
And l won't tell you again.
You'll go with us.
Sit down and be quiet!
How much money will you give me
if Fox sits at this table tomorrow?
- 10 grand.
- Thank you, old man.
Thank you for your kindness and generosity.
lf l'm an informer, you'll kill me.
And if l save all of you,
you'll give me 10 grand.
And l'll buy 20 bottles of vodka.
Thank you, old man, for your kindness.
And thanks for your generosity!
And for the kindness Fox
promised me...
Punch him more so that he gets smart.
Do you understand the price
of your life now?
Tomorrow morning...
...send one of your people
to the savings bank.
He should deposit 40 000 rubles
to my account.
Then l'll be your best friend.
- And we'll trust each other.
- Stop it!
- Why do you want a bankbook?
- lt's the only hope of mine.
And the only insurance
that you won't kill me.
You can't withdraw money
from my account.
...tomorrow at 8 o'clock in the morning
you'll go to the savings bank...
...and deposit 25 grand
to his account.
May he choke with this money!
- You'll give me the bankbook.
- Me!
You'll give me the bankbook.
lt will warm my heart...
...when we go down
to the cellar together.
l won't be scared of the
cops' guns with it.
l'll know what l take risks for.
All right...
lt's time to go to bed. Too late.
We'll have to be strong tomorrow.
- We'll get up at 6. Who'll guard him?
- l shall.
- And l shall.
- Sit down!
- l can also guard him.
- l'll never let him...
- l'll guard him.
- He'll sleep in my room.
l won't miss him. Move your hooves.
- Come on.
- He'll get out of the chimney.
Hello, company commander.
Hello, Levchenko.
They'll fall asleep in an hour...
...and l'll help you out of here.
Got it?
No, l won't go, Levchenko.
- They'll tear you apart.
- Why do you care?
l don't want it to happen.
No, Levchenko!
Then l'll have to give you up.
You came for their lives...
...and for my life. You won't
agree for anything else.
- Give me up, Levchenko. Do it.
- What choice do l have?
- Go away.
- And what will happen then?
l'll do what l have to do.
And l won't take your life.
Then they'll take yours.
They may take it.
But it won't matter anymore.
- Can it really be of no importance
to you? - lt can, Levchenko.
When we swam across the Vistula
river a year ago...
...and we were alone there,
it didn't matter a lot.
And Sasha Korobkov didn't care about it.
But now you are in the opposite trench.
And l am swimming again from our side.
So it's you who have to leave.
Let's go to sleep.
- We'll have to get up early tomorrow.
- What is your decision?
They'll kill you. Our people
will kill you if your resist.
And if you give up, you'll go
to prison. For a long time.
lt's my fate then.
A man can die only once.
And l'll never go to prison anymore.
You know, Levchenko, l think
it would be hard for me tomorrow.
But l am not sorry about it.
l'll die for a great cause.
And you? Will you die
for this bloodsucker?
Do you remember how we dreamt
of our life after the war...
...in a blown-up blindage near Kovel?
l wish that dirty dog...
...had been with us!
Who is he?
The Germans bombed out our
hospital train near Novgorod.
All my papers were burnt.
l recovered.
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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