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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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When cops bring Fox to the cellar...
...and go to the storeroom,
you'll kill them all there!
He said that you got enough men to do it.
You should take them by surprise.
Then you go outside
through the back entrance.
You should have a car waiting nearby.
And off you go! That's it!
- This is his plan.
- lt's smart.
Yes, it is. Very smart.
But they also have guns.
They'll kill half of us.
lt's generous to take risks.
- One day they'll kill all of us.
- Curse that tongue of yours!
Did Fox tell you anything else?
No, but he wanted Anya to know...
...that he was not going
to yoke for all of you.
And he is not eager to accept
capital punishment alone.
lf his best friends
don't want to save him,
...he'll be glad to give all of them up.
- What a wolf he is.
So nice of him.
What do you think, dear gentlemen?
You have to save him.
- Shut up! lt's not you they'll shoot at.
- lt's not a woman business.
l am good at what l have to do.
You got the money with my help.
- And l've got my rights.
- Quiet, quiet!
l'm sorry for Fox.
He could be of great use for us.
You are so bold because you hope to stay
in the car while we fight for him.
Don't even think about it.
- You'll go with us if we dare do this.
- Aren't you afraid to lose a driver?
No, l am not.
l'll make him drive
the car if l have to.
And he'll bring you to 38,
Petrovka street.
l don't care. We may
cut cops tomorrow.
- Or we may scatter.
- Yes, you don't care.
You can hide and no one finds you.
And what about them?
What will you do without me?
Cut it off!
We have to save Fox from jail.
lf we fail,
...they'll get us.
l decided to take you with us.
- Why?
- Because.
lf you lead us to an ambush,
...you'll be the first we tear apart!
We shall slice you.
Then do it right here.
l won't go with you.
- Now it's warmer. - lt's hot
if you like. l don't give a damn!
Why should l get their bullets?
To have your lousy 5000?
- Why did you agree if our money
is lousy? - l didn't agree on it.
l agreed to give her a note and to tell
her Fox's words. But l didn't agree...
...on getting a bullet or a death
sentence. You'd better kill me now.
- l don't want to die for free.
- And what if not for free?
- lt's not serious.
- lt is!
Then tell me your price.
And tell me what to do.
And stop beating about the bush.
You've got the only aim right now.
That is to leave this place alive.
- You'll do your best to save your life.
- l shall not.
Cut me in pieces! Do it!
l have never danced to anyone's piping
and shall never do it.
Why are you torturing me? Why are you
tearing me apart inside? We'll cut you,
...strangle you, kill you! You don't believe
me, but you can't prove l told you a lie.
- lt will be too late when we prove it.
- My dear citizens!
My friends and comrades, just think.
You survive by your wisdom...
...as well as your boldness.
Suppose l am their informer.
Suppose cops made me call Anya.
But do you think they will let me
go here, to your den?
They would have busted
those two and her on the spot.
And then they would have made her
tell them everything about you.
They would have got your pictures,
names and addresses.
Some groups of soldiers with
machine guns would have come here...
...and made a sieve out
of each of you.
Your story is smooth.
But you miss just one thing.
What if Anya says nothing
to the Criminal Police?
What would they do then?
What if Anya says nothing to the
Criminal Police? Maybe you are right.
But l saw many thugs in the prison.
And one of them could keep silent there.
What a disgusting pig you are!
You love money, don't you?
ls there anyone who does not?
Why do you want it?
Why? l would find
the way to spend it.
l would go to Kislovodsk
with my Lyola.
All right.
Tomorrow you'll go to save Fox with us.
lf we learn that you are not a cop...
...but an honest thug...
...l'll give you money!
Do l look that stupid?
My life is worth 2 kopecks
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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