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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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ll set you free.
Otherwise they would torment you...
...with confrontations.
- And why did Fox believe you?
- l don't know why.
Maybe he liked me...
But l think he just had to.
He likes to take risks.
He told me: ''Life without risk...
...is like food without salt for me.''
He took enough risks. And
l warned him! l warned him!
Pubs and women will get you in jail.
- Don't say so.
- Silence!
- Well, go on.
- Karp!
- Well then...
- What?
Look at his hands.
He is no better driver than Blotter
is a violin player.
What would you say?
You can't cheat on a woman!
She feels it with her heart.
l say, your hostess is right.
l played the piano in a restaurant
before the war started.
- And where did you learn to drive?
- lt's another story.
My father had a 1932 Ford.
- That was the reason l did the time.
- Go on.
My dad was arrested in August 1941.
But he did not want
to wait for the trial.
He unwove his wool socks,
tied a slipknot and...
All our property was forfeited.
All of you should work
a lot to match my father.
lt turned out that he stole goods
by railroad cars. Well, Sidorenko...
Does the name ring a bell?
He was so notorious.
He was a stationmaster at Moskva-
Tovarnaya. His mistress gave him up.
You're a smooth storyteller. Go on.
Well, and then...
Once l walked with my girl-friend
at Pyatnitzkaya street...
...and saw our ''Ford''.
lt was re-dyed.
l knew my car perfectly well.
l could open it with a nail.
- So l said: ''Well, Lyola...''
- Lyola? Which one?
- From Yelokhovskaya?
- No, from Tverskoi.
l said: ''Well, Lyola, we shall go
for our last ride.''
l had call-up papers to the
enlistment office in my pocket.
So l got 7 years in prison for that ride.
Some colonel from air forces got our car.
l didn't see anything inside.
But they told me there were...
...some secret papers or maps there.
- Well, go there!
- Where?
- Here?
- Yes.
Prove yourself.
Come on. Play something.
l can also do it.
And what shall l play?
Rings and bracelets,
Hats and jackets.
Was it me who bought it all for you?
That's much better.
No, man, a full one!
What shall we drink for?
Why did you fall silent?
May l eat a little?
lt hurts to see this food
after the prison grub.
Eat. The night is long.
- Are you a good driver?
- Everyone was satisfied with me.
Did Fox tell you anything
about a friend of his?
Cops shot his friend.
- Where did it happen? - l wasn't
present there. And Fox didn't tell me.
He said that they bumped into policemen
because of their own carelessness.
And his friend got a bullet in the back of his
head. He died instantly and didn't suffer.
And what did Fox ask you to tell us?
He didn't ask to tell you anything.
He promised me money
if l find his girl friend.
And she brought me here.
What shall we do?
What did Fox tell you?
- You should save him.
- How can l save him?
Shall l take Petrovka by storm?
l don't know. l can
tell you his idea.
- What is it? - Today in the evening
he'll tell the investigator, that...
...he wants to admit the robbery of the
food store where the guard was killed.
Why? ln accordance with the law
they must bring him there.
ln order to check how
he committed the murder.
This is the only offence he'll admit.
So they'll surely fall for it.
They have to take pictures,
to draw up reports...
l got it. What else?
He'll be escorted by investigators
and not prison guards.
There will be 3-4 men and his
investigator. 5 men maximum.
They will surely lock the doors
of the food store.
When they do it, you'll know
they are about to bring him there.
lt's sort of a signal. He told me
that he thought it all over.
He pondered upon each detail.
He should have pondered
on how to stay free. Go on.
Here is the plan.
As soon as they bring him there, cops will
lock the doors of the store from outside.
When you come there,
you'll enter the storeroom...
...through the back
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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