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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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is: MM.
- 8-1-11.
- 8-1-11. l am waiting for it!
Though the license number is,
of course, fake.
Get me Pankov.
- Shall l blindfold him? - No need
to do this. He'll never tell anyone.
- Come on! Go!
- Hey, hey, stop pushing me.
Come on!
The dog was barking
when l was passing.
You are smiling like a close-stool.
You are so stupid!
lf l were an informer, you would have stayed
at the plank bed for half a day already.
l noticed you in the cinema
wandering around me.
Stop yelling! l'll bite your
nose off, you dirty rat!
Don't spit, l can't wipe it
off my face.
Sit down, Blotter!
Stop flying around!
Well, hello, dear man.
Come in, be our guest.
Guests come voluntarily
but not by force.
lt depends on whom you visit.
For example, if l call a man,
he crawls on all fours here.
Sit down!
Let's have a drink, a snack and
a chat about our sad business.
Will you drink?
lf you fill up my glass,
l'll drink it.
Well what shall we drink for?
Whatever you want!
lt's stupid to drink for your health.
You won't need good health anymore.
Why is that?
We think that you are
an informer, dear man.
You, cardboard dummy.
You wanted to cheat on me.
Then let's drink to your health. You are
going to live for 2 centuries, aren't you?
- Are you threatening me?
- How can l threaten you?
You've got your people
with guns and knives.
They'll cut me in pieces on the spot.
And where are your friends
from the Criminal Police?
Look, old man, this
very time yesterday...
...your friend Fox told me
some great words:
...stupidity is the most
expensive thing in the world.
Because it costs you so much.
- What do you mean?
- l mean that l'll have to pay...
...the highest price for my stupidity.
For my stupidity and greed.
l wanted to get some easy money.
Now l feel you'll stuff me with it.
Right you are. Drive your grief
and sorrow away.
Don't be afraid.
lt won't hurt when we cut you.
Poof and you're dead!
Did you have to bring me
here to do it?
- Are you in a hurry?
- No, l can wait for another 50 years.
But we can't.
That's why we brought you here.
lf you don't want your death
to be terrible,
...you'll tell us what you
decided to do with Fox...
...in the Criminal Police.
l'll leave you an address.
Send a postcard from me.
Some time later.
Write a couple of words.
''Don't wait for your son. He's dead''.
l didn't do you any harm, did l?
Do you live in Moscow?
No. ln the Yaroslavl region.
The Bugry village,
''Znamenskiy'' state farm.
- Do you live in a village?
- Do l look like it?
Cops made me move 100 km from Moscow.
l am a driver there.
- Have you got some papers?
- Just this one.
Sidorenko Vladimir lvanovich.
A written undertaking
to stay at his place.
Some office at Petrovka street
must print these papers.
l take care of what l've got.
Especially since l've got nothing else.
- And why did they bring you to Fox?
- They brought him to me.
3 days ago.
- Why did they bust you?
- l spent a week there all for nothing.
l brought potatoes to the ''Stankolit''
factory. My farm has got an agreement on it.
l unloaded the truck and went back.
At Sushevskiy val some ZlS-101...
...crashed into me though
he had a red light. Bang!
My truck is all right.
lt got a little scratched.
But all the people in the ZlS car
were squashed.
Well, guys from the traffic police
and even some colonel came there.
Everyone was yelling.
They pushed me in their car.
And l didn't eat all day long.
So they drew up a report,
filled in my personal forms.
And when they learnt that l had
a conviction, they got furious.
''And did you intend to commit an act
of terrorism, by any chance?''
So they kept me in the cell.
For a whole week.
And 3 days ago they told me that
the driver of the ZlS was drunk.
As if they learnt it the day before
yesterday, and not on the day of the crash.
But Yevgeniy Petrovich told me
at once: they've got nothing on you.
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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