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Место встречи изменить нельзя

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- l was at the chemist's. - And
l was looking for you in the cinema.
Then we'll meet tomorrow.
The same place, the same time.
Fuhrer ordered general mobilization
to the German army.
All the men from 15 to
75 years old are drafted.
Don't be so sad, girls.
Have you got a right forefinger?
l am left-handed.
The next one.
- Stop smoking. You are in the cinema.
- Come on.
You are so smart, so resourceful.
And you can't invent an execution
to pay them back in full?
- lnvent something, Schweik!
- l shall invent something. l promise.
- Watch out, Schweik!
- Watch out!
We got you, my dear.
Drop the stick.
Did Yevgeniy Petrovich send you?
- Well?
- Hello.
- What's up with you?
- Nothing.
Yevgeniy Petrovich wanted you
to hide away his ring.
- Cops are looking for it in relation with
a murder. - ls it the reason he sent you?
No, he wanted me to tell you
the way to save him.
And you took me for a fool.
You played a show.
You sent some stupid girl.
Do you think Fox didn't tell me
what you look like?
He asked me to give you this.
lt's sort of password,
as if we are spies.
And why did he send you
to the old hag and not to me?
Because it was not Gorky park
where we parted.
He was also afraid.
What if cops press on me
or l'll report on you?
- What if l lead them to your warm bed?
- OK. What did he tell you?
lnstructions. This is the word
he used: lnstructions.
He told me: ''lf you tell them my
message, they'll give you 5 grand''.
lt's too much for such a work.
While he's in jail,
he doesn't think so.
Because his life is at stake.
He can get a capital punishment.
OK! l'm listening to you.
First, give me the money. As they say: we
are friends, but l've got my own baccy...
- Stop it. Here are 5000.
- Look here.
l hope for your conscience.
l don't want to risk my freedom...
...for nothing!
- You'd better tell me the truth.
Why should l lie? l'll
tell you everything.
They busted him for
a murder of some woman.
And now they want to charge him
with the robbery of a food store.
lt looks bad. They found
his fingerprints on the door.
Now they keep him at Petrovka street.
But next week they'll bring him
to the ''Sailor's Silence'' prison.
- lt's impossible to escape from it. - ls
it possible to break away from Petrovka?
No, it is not.
They'll take him to the store
to reconstruct the robbery.
He can't escape from the prison guards.
They are real armed dogs.
But if they bring him there from
Petrovka, investigators will guard him.
They are good detectives
but they are no real guards.
You could do away with
them all at once.
- How?
- How? How?
Are you a little girl? Why ask such
questions? Bang-bang, and that's it!
What is a reconstruction
of the robbery?
Suppose he admits the murder
of the guard.
He'll tell them he wants to show
how he did it at the place.
Now he denies everything.
Of course, they'll bring him
there to find evidence.
What else did Yevgeniy
Petrovich tell you?
He told me details.
How to arrange it.
And he asked to tell this Hunchback
of yours. lf you fail to save Fox...
...from the Criminal Police, he'll
give up him and all his people.
Now you will go with me and
tell us all the details.
No. We did not agree on this. l promised
Fox to find you and to tell you...
...everything. But l don't want to go
with you and take part in it...
We don't care what you want, rubbish.
Get in the car!
What's up? Guys, what are you doing?
What are you doing, guys?
What's up, people?
Did anyone follow him?
Better safe than sorry.
Come on!
We have to do something, Gleb!
They are going away!
They are going away!
Gleb Yegorovich,
we'll never get them.
Gleb Yegorovich, there's a phone here.
Shall l inform police stations?
Do it, Vanya.
What's up with you, Gleb?
We have to do something.
They will kill him!
Get in the car! Come on!
Find out the location
and give me the info...
...on a bread van.
The license number
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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