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still free.
- And he has to be in jail.
- But Gruzdev is innocent!
He'll stay in jail! l say so.
Screenplay by Vayner brothers
- We should arrest Fox in the cloakroom.
- Right.
He is armed and can easily
shoot several people.
- Right?
- Right.
Come on!
Directed by Stanislav Govorukhin
- Where shall l go? To the Butyrka
prison or... - lvan Sergeyevich.
My dear...
We found the true murderer.
He's Fox. You are innocent.
Hello, old woman. Call Anya, please.
l got it. Listen to me attentively.
Did you want to see me?
- l don't know. Maybe. ln case
you're Anya. - l am Anya.
And who the hell are you?
- Did the old hag tell you l called?
- She did. So what?
The point is they seized your Fox
in a deadly grip.
- Did the cops ask you to tell me about it?
- l spent 3 days with Fox on a plank bed.
He asked me for help. And l am
sitting here with you, stupid!
- Damn you...
- You know, stop cursing!
Tell me what you know. l've got
no time to spend with you either.
He sent a note with me.
He wrote that he told you
something important.
- Will you tell me?
- l shall...
Then do it!
Can you read? Did you understand
everything he wrote?
- l did!
- lt doesn't seem so.
He wrote: ''Give him clothes, shoes
and food. And be kind to him''.
- Kind. Got it?
- We've got no time for it now.
- l'll be kind to you in the evening.
- l don't give a damn about your kindness.
Fox told me that l would get 5000 rubles
if l told you what happened.
That's the kindness l need. Anyone
could be kind to me, if l've got 5000.
OK, you'll get your 5000! Tell me
everything and you'll get the money!
You are so sly. Women are filthy.
Your man rests on the plank bed,
and you don't want to give me 5 grand.
- You are killing him.
- Damn you! A new Jesus!
l don't have enough money right now.
l can bring it to you!
Then do it. l'll be here in 2 hours.
Listen, l live far from here.
Let's meet at half past 8
in Sokolniki.
Do you know a bakery on the corner?
- Deal?
- OK, damn you!
But, bear in mind: no tricks.
l'll count the money.
l'm no fool.
- See you!
- Well, see you.
They follow him. Take it away.
- Well done, Sharapov! He got her!
- What?
She is a dummy.
He got her.
Fox's girlfriend can not look
that miserable. Never.
Petka, come here.
- Kids. Have you got a ticket?
- Yes.
Give it to me. How much? Come on.
Take it. OK. 4. All right.
Come on, sucker. That's enough.
My dearest, it's me.
- What do you want?
- All right.
- What are you doing?
- l want to have a smoke.
- Don't even think about it.
- Come on.
Get out of here, moose.
Lyola! Lyola, it's me Vova.
Sharapov, l'm listening to you.
You may speak.
- They follow you. He is not far away, is
he? - That's the thing l am telling you.
l think we'll meet on the 20-th
or the 21-st?
Wait! They set the time of the meeting.
Between 20 and 21? At 20:30?
You are a smart girl.
That's why l appreciate you.
OK, don't get too playful.
Tell me the place.
How can you find my place? Take
the train to the last station!
- Wait, is it a suburban train?
Or metro? - Yes.
- The last station? Culture Park?
- No.
- Sokolniki. - Yes, and the second
alley to the right.
OK. Yes, life is no so sweet here.
But you know it. Though a bakery
is right at my house.
Yes. Well...
Lyola, see you. l'm going to the
cinema. Yes, to the cinema.
l've got lots of free time now.
Well, bye.
Best regards to your dad!
Well, take care!
l asked your for a date.
l dreamt of it as usual.
You smiled, a little shy
and told me, yes.
l got shaved in the morning.
l bought a new blue spotted tie.
l bought 3 asters.
At 4 sharp l was there.
- l was walking!
- So was l!
- l was waiting!
- So was l!
- l was angry!
- So was l!
- l left!
- So did l!
Both of us were there.
- l was at the chemist's. - And
l was looking for you in the cinema.
Then we'll meet tomorrow.
The same place, the same time.
Both of us were
Место встречи изменить нельзя Место встречи изменить нельзя

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